Proper care of car batteries prolong its performance, saving money and time. It is better to follow some measures to bring down the chances of experiencing flat battery and maximize the life span.

Let us go through some measures that will help to maximize the lifespan of car batteries:

Check out on the Water Level Frequently: Water will just touch the bottom of the refill hole of the battery.

• Pull up fill caps to inspect fluid level.

• Refill using distilled water if the level is low. Pour the water making use of a funnel. Never overfill. Wait for water to reach the bottom of refill holes.

Clean Terminals with a Wire Brush Every Six to Eight Months: In order to clean it thoroughly, remove connectors from the battery terminal either by moving them side to side or by pulling them up. Following this, rub the brush into a paste made of distilled water and baking soda. Scrub the terminal gently to remove build-up of dried acid and avail the much-needed shine. Now, replace connectors by hitting them into place making use of a rubber mallet.

Inspect the Cell Voltage After Oil Change or Maintenance: The mechanisms use a reliable procedure to test the voltage. Take the car to auto part stores between regular visits to the mechanic. They will be checking out on the charge and the voltage and will also offer products that will play a role in helping the maintenance plan.

Drive Vehicles Regularly: Leaving the vehicles stationary for a larger span is not advisable. In order to keep up the requisite level of charge, make sure to drive the vehicle regularly.

Service the Engine Frequently: Poor condition of the engine will overload car battery reducing its lifespan. Servicing at regular intervals will help to protect and increase lifespan.

Minimize Corrosion: The terminal connections must be corrosion free and secured at the point the battery remains connected. Professional aid will be of great help here. It is possible to bring down chances of corrosion by spraying anti-corrosive products.

Avoid Drainage: Avoid leaving the vehicle accessories on. This will discharge battery that will then need a recharge. Constant recharge will shorten the life span.

Keep Cases as Clean as Possible: Dirt will damage the case and will lead to charge loss. Check the terminals and cases and clean them at regular intervals.

Secure the Battery: Make sure to keep the batteries secured. Vibrations tend to damage the plates. If it is not strictly mounted on the tray in which it rests, vibrations are normal. Inspect the terminals at regular intervals. Loose connections will lead to breakdowns.

Never try to open the seal and attempt anything crazy like getting the lead plates cleaned. This is too dangerous. This will not just damage the battery but may also lead to injuries. Never tamper with them and charge a car battery in a well-ventilated place. Before handling them, open the hood and allow natural ventilation.