If you are ever going to buy or sell a previously-owned car, there are some very important car milestones that you have got to know. Tied directly to odometer readings, these are literally milestones.

If you are looking to sell your used car, you will need to try to move it before your steceed reaches one of these millions in much the same way that a retail prefers to price items at $ 9.99 instead of the more frightening $ 10.00. Conversely, if you are in the market for a used vehicle, you have got to be aware that the closer a car is to one of these millions, the more likely it is that it will soon be needing some costly maintenance.

Milestone One: 30,000 to 40,000 Miles. The good news is that cars within this mileage range tend to still be under a bumper-to-bumper factory warranty. This means that a vehicle's first major service is normally covered by the warranty. This service should replace wear items such as tires and brakes and cost at least $ 350.

Milestone Two: 60,000 to 70,000 Miles. Most second major service visits take place somewhere within this range. These can take care of timing belts, tires, and brakes and cost an owner $ 300 or more. If you are in the market for a car, you need to find out at what mileage points these service visits are recommended. Some need to be done even if there is no sign that anything is wrong. For example, timing belts need to be changed at regular intervals, since when they go bad they can break and cause costly damage damage.

Milestone Three: 100,000 Miles. Cars these days are still considered to be within their prime when they have got 100,000 miles. However, that does not mean you can forego their major service visits. Also, sellers need to understand that 100,000 miles is a huge psychological point for buyers. A car with 95,000 miles will sell for quite a bit more than the same car would with 102,000 miles.

Onward and Upward: 100,000 Plus Miles. The millions in this range come at the same points as they did before, every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. In addition to the major service visits they will need at these points, owners, sellers, and buyers must be aware that there will be other issues caused by wear and tear that will pop up from time to time.