Do You Feel Ripped Off At The Car Lot?

Let me be very clear. I do not believe that people at auto lots are trying to actually rip people off. I do believe that everyone from the sales person to the manager to the guy in the finance office are working very hard to make the best deal possible. They want to make the most profit they can from each sale. Your objective is, of course, to walk away with the lowest price and best value. If you do not prepare yourself for your trip to the auto lot, you are not likely to bargain effectively.

Have you ever woken up the morning after a car purchase with the feeling you should have done a little better? It is pretty easy to get heard in new car fever, and in the clever maneuvers by people at the auto lot, and get taken for, as they say, a ride.

Have you ever tried to tell the car salesperson that you were just looking ?

If you do come because you just want to browse around, and you have not done any prior planning, you have to make that perfectly clear. Of course, even if you tell the sales person you are just looking, he or she will still probably follow you around. That is the job, and some auto dealers will even reprimand sales people who do not do this. Remember that you are still in control and hang onto your old car keys!

Do Your Homework In Advance

If you do intend to purchase a new or used car, you should never walk in to deal without having done your homework. This is really inexcusable, especially these days. Even if you plan to purchase your vehicle from a local dealer, you can still prepare with a lot of powerful online resources.

Make sure you know the lowest price range for any vehicle you want to buy.

  • What is the actual selling price of the type of vehicle you plan to buy? This is not the sticker price, but the negotiated price these makes and models really sell for.
  • Look at the local dealer's websites and find out if they have any “Internet” specials. Even if you want to walk the lot later, you can still ask for the Internet price.

It is also very helpful to have your financing arranged in advance. You may apply through your own bank or financial institution. You may also apply on the website of local dealers. I have discovered that these pre-approval letters are not always 100 percent accurate, but they can give you more credibility and confidence when you actually start to negotiate your deal.

Bypass A Lot Of The Sales Process

Do you hate the whole car buying process? A lot of us hate the sales process at auto lots. We hate the part where the salesman takes your keys, and then makes you wait while he consults with his manager. If you ask for an appointment with the Internet sales person, after having searched transactions online, you may be able to bypass a lot of it.

Wake Up Feeling Great After A Car Purchase

If you do your homework in advance, you will probably be a lot happier with your shiny new car purchase the next day!