Are you tired of the time consuming and ever messy public transport, having to squeeze your way into a bus or hurrying to catch a train and miss it and the bad weather not sparing you then surely need to get yourself a government designated car. Having a personal car is important as it facilitates your getting around it in the neighborhood, going to work or while on vacation with your family.

However considering these hard economic times with the country still recovering from a recession buying a vehicle will not be on anyone's top list of preference as people as struggling to merely keep their jobs. But what if you are able to buy a clean, well maintained, fully functional and as good as new vehicle at a cheaper price says forty percent off? Yes it really seems unbelievable, but that's just what the government closed cars go for and even way less.

Every year the United States Government seizes thousands of vehicles from loan defaulters and in other cases. After a period, the government seized cars are auctioned to the general public. The auction is open for anyone willing to participate and more so the auction starts at a few hundred dollars, I've been to a lot of actions that will start at $ 100 dollars for cars, vans, trucks and SUV's in great condition. Auction starts with the auctioneer giving a brief description of a vehicle which are by then arranged in a lane before starting the bidding process.

The auctioneer calls on the bid for a vehicle and the interested buyers start the bidding process with each making a hand motion for a particular price. The closure of bidding process for the government closed cars usually takes a short time for a single vehicle and just as any other bidding process the next item is introduced. As usual the highest bidder at the fall of the hammer after confirmation takes it away and he is immediately required to fill his information, make a verification of their buyer information and eventually sign a contract with the auctioneering staff. Vehicles that are not sold are usually rerun later in the day or are returned for auction on a later date.

Buying one of the many government cars has many benefits as they are not only cheap but you will also able to get a guarantee of the vehicles functionality, one that has an engine in good condition.You will also be able to get a wide range of vehicles to bid for in case you lose a bid on a particular vehicle.

And you want to let you in on a little secret? The majority of used car dealers get their vehicles from these auctions! That's right, they'll get it for a couple of hundred and turn around and sell it for a couple of thousand. I was shocked when I heard this! I mean, where else would they get the vehicles from? From government seized cars auctions!