Deciding On the Right Car to Drive

It's an exciting journey when you are finally eligible to purchase a car for yourself. You consider all the different cars that you could get as well as which engines will match your personality. In reality, if you are not used to specific engines, it will be difficult to learn to drive it.

If you are used to driving a 1.2L engine, it will be difficult to adapt to an engine that consumes 6 liters of petrol between TDC and BDC. Not only would you be a stranger to the speed but also to the amount of petrol that has to be replaced every few kilometers.

Regular engines and those that are supercharged or turbocharged may also be difficult to adapt to. Being new to a forced induction system is difficult to control as you will need quicker reflexes upon take off. You will also need to learn how to drive a car that has a supercharger so that you do not exceed speed limits without realizing it.

Four cylinder cars are usually lightweight and do not consume so much petrol. Once you step into a car that has eight cylinders, you have to be sure that you know how to control the steering wheel and at what point to brake. It will not be easy to learn the new features that you have not experienced before.

Manual and automatic cars are easy to adapt to. The only time you have to be worried is when you reach for the gear stick in an automatic car without realizing that the car changes gears on its own. It is not a common mistake to make as most automatic cars change gears so smoothly and quietly that you will not notice it.

Learning to drive a sedan might be more challenging to learn than a hatchback. A sedan is elongated and there is more body to compensate for when parking and manoeuvring around. You will also have to keep the size of the car in mind so that you do not accidently hit a curve.

Diesel and petrol engines are quite similar in driving style. They are, however, placed into different combustion engines. Diesel does not ignite without being compressed first whereas petrol is flammable.

Always make sure that you know exactly how to drive the car that you are about to purchase, so a test drive is always a good idea. This is especially a good idea with used cars . Also be aware of the expenses that you will pay afterwards such as the fuel consumption, the tires and the maintenance.

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Meet the Sportsman 6×6 Big Boss 570 EPS

Who and what is the Big Boss? Well, this exciting off-road vehicle resembling an extra-long quad-bike-with-trailer, is the latest ATV to come on to the market. Big Boss is designed and made by the manufacturing company of Polaris Industries Inc. This powerful quad-bike with a closed trailer attached to the back of it is the 2017 Sportsman 6×6 Big Boss 570 EPS all-terrain vehicle. It's versatile enough for you to take on any demanding job in off-road conditions and also the ideal vehicle for anyone wishing to work in and experience the most remote and uneven terrain.

When wanting to spend time away from the usual city and suburban environments, and acquiring some land for escape into a forested or rocky region, you will need a vehicle that is tough enough and reliable to confront and overcome the challenges posed by nature. The Big Boss as it's respectfully referred to, is the perfect vehicle for hauling tools and other gear necessary for working well in the toughest of outback conditions. It also offers the resiliency for exploration trips in terrain where most other vehicles can not access. With Big Boss, the transaction and payload are excellent and the versatile dump-box section large enough for packing any bulky items securely for a rough off-road experience to just “rumble on.”

The Big Boss from Rumbleon is a capable vehicle for carrying two people, created by an extended chassis and with a raised seat, providing visibility for the passenger and safety with grips for hands and supporting rests for the feet. The 362 kg covered dump-box with integrated dividers has the advantage of two divided sections, located behind the passenger seat. In addition, there are stack pockets that increase the height for carrying any extra gear.

The advantages of a vehicle like the Big Boss are reflected in its economic fuel efficiency and its capabilities in conquering highly challenging terrains. Driver security and comfort is catered for with well-designed seating, with the level floorboard of the vehicle providing a natural position for easy operation and fatigue prevention.

The Big Boss advantages

Big Boss comes with the latest easy to use variable electronic power steering that automatically adjusts to existing conditions, making the vehicle control responsive and efficient, even at reliably high speeds. This is a particular advantage when negotiating tight trails or using the vehicle on rugged job sites. Complete with a proven and tested all-wheel independent suspension. This is enhanced with the best rear suspension travel related to this type of vehicle, namely 20.83cm front, and 24.93cm rear, with a ground clearance of 29.21cm.

The advantages provided by a 4 and 6-Wheel Drive option, utilized by the simple motion of flipping a switch. The same applies for the fast-engaging and high-performance wheel drive system, immediately available when added transaction is needed. The braking system operates in conjunction with the exclusive Polaris engine. It offers an active descent controlled braking system, for best possible control and an even deceleration during a descent.

The extra flexibility of the 570 EPS enables custom-design for large hunting expeditions, and jobs in the remotest and most difficult of conditions throughout the year. Added support is given with more than thirty manufacturers additional accessories.

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Top ATV Mods for Adventurers

Mudding is one of the fun activities that ATV riders can do during the summer season. Getting down and dirty on a muddy terrain during a hot day really sounds exciting!

This thrilling off-road activity can be pretty much unforgiving so you have to make sure that your bike is equipped with mods that can withstand the harsh elements that go along with the sport.

When it comes to mudding one of the first upgrades that come to mind are ATV tires. Make sure that you equip your bike with mud tires. This type of tire is larger and has deep tread patterns that provide excellent transaction in muddy trails.

Another must have mod are snorkels. Water like mud is one of the elements that can be encountered while mudding. Snorkel kits make it possible for your ATV to wade in deep mud and water without the engine dying.

Exhaust kits. Aftermarket exhausts not only give your bike an aggressive look, it also brings the loud growl that can make your ride turn heads as you navigate through an off-road trail.

Winches. This practical ATV accessory makes it possible for a bike to be pulled out of deep mud.

Lift kits are another essential ATV upgrade because it brings your large mud tires from rubbing against the fenders and it also provides the bike with additional height and ground clearance.

Skid plates are protective metal plates that shield your bikes from damage that may be possibly encountered while navigating through rocky terrains.

Radiator relocation kits. This mod makes it possible for radiators to be transferred to another location, typically in front of the ATV's front rack, making it safer than being filled with mud.

Performance clutch kits fare better than stock clutches in muddy terrains. It does not only provide the ATV an improved throttle response, it also prevails belt slippage while navigating through tough road conditions.

These are just some of the modifications that can be made to your ATV to make it off-road worthy. Always make research before you decide to purchase any upgrades. It can help to consult a sales person to know more about a particular ATV part that you plan to order.

If you decide to purchase your aftermarket part online, here are some of the online ATV / UTV parts store that you must watch out for: 4 Wheel Online, Dennis Kirk, Rocky Mountain ATV / MC, JC Whitney, and Pro Armor.

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Three Reasons You Should Consider An ATV

People who enjoy an active lifestyle need a vehicle that matches that lifestyle. If you spend a significant amount of your time outdoors, owning an ATV will further expand the activities you can participate in. Every year, nearly 200,000 of them are sold across the United States. They are purchased by police departments, parks, families, utility companies, fishermen, and hunters, to name a few. Here are three reasons why you should consider one of these vehicles.

1. Cover More Ground, More Quickly

Everybody likes to get places faster. If it is a choice between the freeway and back roads, people take the freeway. If there is a shortcut, it gets used. An ATV is your way of getting places outdoors quicker. With the ability to handle off-road terrain, quads allow their riders to go cover ground that cars can not, at a pace much faster than walking. Due to their tight turning radius, they can also navigate obstacles such as boulders and trees that would normally block passage to any other motorized vehicle. This is why they remain popular with rural police departments, park rangers, and search and rescue workers.

2. Increase The Scope Of Your Activities

Along with covering rough terrain more quickly, quads also open up the wilderness for different uses. They allow campers to travel to more remote locations that otherwise might have been inaccessible. Hunters can cover larger swaths of ground and scout new areas. Fisherman can access remote lakes and rivers with the knowledge that the ATV provides a way to transport their catch home. Quads also open these types of outdoor activities up to those who may not have been able to participate in the past. People with physical disabilities can cover rough ground they would not be able to handle on foot. Outdoor enthusiasts in their later years can also benefit from their off-road prowess.

3. Fun Factor

Quads are not only useful and versatile as discussed above, but they are also fun for all ages. Manufacturers offer a wide range of vehicles that allow people of any age or skill level to operate them. Not only that, but a recent study by York University in Nova Scotia found that riding an ATV is both physically and mentally beneficial. Due to the muscle control needed to steer a quad on uneven terrain, a one to two-hour ride is equivalent to an hour of lifting weights in the gym. Researchers also noted that riders felt a great reduction in stress following rides, as well as an enhanced quality of life.

In conclusion, if you spend a lot of time outdoors or want to start doing so, you should consider purchasing an ATV. They allow riders to cover difficult terrain in a faster and more effective manner. This opens up areas of wilderness for use that were previously inaccessible. Finally, riding quads is good for you, both physically and mentally.

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ATV Parts and Accessories

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is also known as a quad, quad bike, three-wheeler, or four-wheeler, or RZR. It is a super cool vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control. ATV is specifically designed to handle a wider range of terrain unlike most other vehicles. It may be a street-legal vehicle in a few countries, however, it is not legal within most states and provinces of Australia, the United States or Canada.

ATVs are designed for single, but some companies have developed ATVs for the driver and one passenger. These ATVs are known as tandem ATVs.

The rider operates ATV like a motorcycle, but with the extra wheels that gives an extra stability at lower speeds. ATVs are equipped with three wheel, four wheels and even six-wheel models for special applications. Engine sizes of ATVs currently on sale ranges from 49 to 1,000 cc (3 to 61 cu in).

ATVs are smaller, lightweight vehicles that are perfect for touring areas that normal vehicles can not go. This, however, makes them likely to get banged up easily. The right ATV parts will make sure you're not limited to the amount of adventures you wish to take. The general ATV parts consist of:


Axles, Axle Tools, Axle Wrenches, Wheel Spacers


A-Arm Bearings, Rear Axle Bearings, Wheel Bearings, Swing Arm Bearings, Shock Bearings, Steering Stem Bearings


Front and Rear Fenders, Fuel Tanks, Seats, Bumpers, Nerf Bars, Skid Plates, Snow Plows, Wheel Spacers, Grab Bars


Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, Brake Shoes, Brake Fluid, Brake Lines, Brake Accessories

Cooling Systems

Radiators, Coolant, Hose Kits, Water Coolers, Cooling System Parts


Chains, Sprockets, Chain Guides, Chain Lube, Drive Belts, Drive Tools, Chain and Sprocket Kits


Batteries, Spark Plugs, Starter, Ignition Coils and Stators, Lighting, Kill Switches, Hour Meters, Speedometers, Horns, GPS

ATV Parts Engine

Pistons, Oil Filters, Clutch Kits, Gaskets, Valves, Cylinder Parts, Big Bore Kits, Bearings and Seals, Crankshaft Assemblies

ATV Parts Exhaust

4-Stroke Exhaust, 2-Stroke Exhaust, 2-Stroke Silencers, Exhaust Packing, Spark Arrestor, End Caps, Exhaust Accessories

ATV Parts Filters

Fuel Filters, Air Filters, Oil Filters, Pre Filters

ATV Parts Frame-Chassis

Skid Plates, Nerf Bars, Bumpers, A-Arms, Tie Rods, Tie Rod Ends, Fuel Tanks, Racks

ATV Parts Fuel and Air Intake Systems

Air Filters, Fuel Controllers, Fuel Tanks, Carburetor Jets, Fuel Filters, Fuel Lines, Intake Parts, Air Filter Maintenance.

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Taotao ATVs – For the Young Adult in Your Children

Established in the year 1998, China Taotao is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ATVs, Gas Scooters, Dirt Bikes, Sea Scooters, and Choppers etc. With six production lines, the company produces not less than 3,000 ATVs alone every single month, apart from its other products. All the Taotao ATV parts have CE, UL and GS approvals, with engine tested equipment straight from Germany.

Range of Products

Taotao quads come in a large range of engine options. The smallest starts at just 50cc while the largest is at 250cc. The other options as regards to this include 110cc, 125cc and 150cc. With ATVs topping the list of the coolest thing for kids, Taotao ATVs has proven to be a great recreational Quad. With such a large range of Quads, there is always something your kid will end up loving!

Pros of Buying A Taotao ATV

Although not all of the Taotao ATV parts are the finest that you will ever find, there are quite a few benefits of buying an ATV from here.

• Taotao offers its customers a wide range of options to choose from. Every ATV has its own specifications and you can choose according to your own requirements.

• Every Taotao ATV has an extra starter switch on the side. This is because the handle starter switch does not always respond. Here, to save you from this trouble, an extra, more rugged starter switch was put in place.

• Not a lot of ATVs have shift gears in them, but Taotao ATV parts have gears on its list. If you would want your child to learn how to shift gears, in order to promote them to a bigger ATV, then this ATV will help you out.

• The exhaust has a spark arrester in it. The law in several areas states that the spark arrester is a compulsory requirement if you would like to ride in the woods.

• Children who are learning how to ride an ATV generally do not have the strength needed to apply breaks. However, the foot break on the Taotao ATV requires less pressure, hence, it is a great help in this regard.

Cons of Buying

As stated earlier, not all the Taotao ATV parts are great to work with.

• You will have to be very handy if you are looking to buy one of these ATVs, because you will end up tightening the nuts and bolts regularly. Considering the terrain that the ATV is driven in, these things tend to loosen up and sometimes even fall off.

• As regards to all ATVs, the chains in Taotao ATV demand to be oiled quite regularly, almost every ride.

Fixing Your ATV

Considering the fact that the ATV will be driven on a rough terrain, it is only obvious that it will go through some wear and tear. These are not so hard to find, and since, you can easily procure them and fix up the quad all by yourself.

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Taotao ATVs – Conquer Tough Terrains With You in Tow

With an exceptional R & D department, the China Taotao Group has managed to create some great ATVs at unbeatable prices. The Taotao ATV parts, among other products, have obtained international certificates EEC, CE, CARB, EPA, UL and also an ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System. The ATVs manufactured by Taotao, are exported to numerous places around the world. Among other products, Taotao produces about 300,000 ATVs every single year, which is being assembled by skilled workers and tested using advanced testing equipment.

ATVs for Everyone

Taotao manufactures a number of ATVs, ranging from the smallest engine size being of just 50cc to the largest engine size being of 250cc. With such a large range of ATVs manufactured by Taotao, you are bond to find one that will fulfill all of your requirements. The Taotao ATV parts, are very reliable, and since then, you will not have to worry about the ATV falling apart as you test it on some of the toughest terrains.

Why Should You Buy Taotao ATVs?

The Taotao ATV parts, as was already mentioned, have been well tested before being used in ATVs. The ATVs provide you with a great value for the money that you have paid. Although these are not the best ATVs you can purchase for your children, they are no doubt safe and secure for your children to enjoy. The ATV comes with a soft foot break, and gears which are rarely found in ATVs.

All the Taotao ATV parts are easy to procure, and very inexpensive. Here, even if your children end up busting some of the parts, you can easily replace them without burning a hole in your pocket. If you are handy with fixing minor repairs which may crop up from time to time, this ATV is the best one for you.

You will find that most of the ATVs are equipped with spark arresters, which is a compulsory requirement in most of the cities, if you would like riding these quads in the woods. The extra spark plug that you will find at the side in the front portion of the ATV will be handy in cases where the ATV has some difficulty starting in the regular manner.

Shortfalls of Taotao ATVs

Although most of the Taotao ATV parts do meet the standards, you will find that the nuts and bolts of these quads need to be tightened from time to time. Some of these parts will need to be replaced from time to time, but the fact that the parts are easy to find and quite inexpensive, this should not be an issue at all. You may also have to oil the chains after almost every single ride.

The manual which accompanies the ATV is written in a questionable English language. You may not be able to understand most of it; however, it is contains pictures alongside every instruction. Therefore, you will be able to comprehend the message that is being sent across in the manual.

Availability of Parts

Taotao has been manufacturing the ATVs for quite some time now, and these quads are exported to several countries all across the world. Due to the fact that the Taotao ATV parts are inexpensive, and easy to buy, these quads have been a big hit among ATV enthusiasts.

Unlike the popular belief that Chinese ATVs do not last long, the Taotao ATV parts are safe and secure so much so that the rider can focus solely on having fun.

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Reasons To Consider A Used ATV Versus New

The popularity of the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in the United States is astonishing. From its introduction in the 1960s, off-roading has become a cultural phenomenon. Prized by both motorcycle and off-road enthusiasts, the diminutive vehicle recently crossed over to the mainstream. How do we know?

According to research, there are an estimated 10.5 million registered ATV owners in America. That's more than twice as many owners as there were in 2001! Those numbers make the humble ATV nearly as common as the motorcycle, a vehicle with a much longer, more illustrious history in America. Why is it taking off?

The Benefits

Although accidents have happened, because they have more wheels and more stability, all-terrain models should be safer than motorcycles. As long as they are driven responsibly, the risk that they will flip is quite minimal. In fact, three and four-wheel versions can handle almost any road surface with ease, making them far more flexible than most other off-road vehicles. As such, they are one of the most enjoyable conveyances for novice and experienced drivers alike.

New Vs. Used ATV

It might surprise you to learn that all-terrain models can be quite pricey. Many first-time buyers mistakenly assume they'll be about the same price as a dirt bike when the average one costs about $ 7,000. But because there is growing market for these off-road dynamos, many used ATVs are available at affordable prices.

Although new vehicles are almost always preferable, there are many reasons you might consider a secondhand model. The first and most obvious one is the price. Just like automobiles, pre-owned three and four-wheelers depreciate at a rapid rate. Most lose about half their value in the first three years of ownership. That is not to say all of these models are in saleable condition.

Where To Buy

Since they are often driven on challenging surfaces, such as hills, trails, and unpaved paths, all-terrain models are at greater risk of experiencing wear and tear than regular road vehicles. As such, it can be challenging to find one in good condition, especially in the private market. Private sellers may not have the experience or expertise to identify and fix little mechanical issues that could cause significant problems in the future. For the new buyer, that could mean paying full price for a used ATV that only has a little life left in it. That is why we strongly suggest you buy from a reputable dealer.

Although buying from a dealer is not as safe as purchasing a three or four-wheeler brand new, it's the next best thing. Why? Because dealers typically test and repair the secondhand models they buy before offering them for sale. This allows them to ask for a bit more than the private seller because it gives buyers more confidence.

Off-road enthusiasts can save time and money when they buy a used ATV from an established dealer in the secondary market.

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Prepare Your UTV for Spring With Maintenance and Accessories

After a long winter, it's time to prepare your UTV for spring. Off-road trips long and short beckon, especially as the weather worms up. If you properly prepared your vehicle for storage last year, you should be on the road after a few steps.

Even if you have ridden the vehicle during the winter, take some time to inspect and maintain it before a new season brings new challenges on the road. You may even decide that before you put the UTV on the road, you want to add a new windshield and other accessories.

Check the Fuel Tank and Fluid to Prepare Your UTV for Spring

Last fall, you should have changed the oil and oil filters, cleaned the air filter, and added fuel stabilizer to prevent the fuel from separating, evaporating, and forming a varnish-like gunk in the tank. If you did not, you will need to clean the engine, tank, and carburetor with cleaner made for that purpose as you prepare your UTV for spring.

Even a well maintained engine can attract insects, water, or dirt, or develop fuel leaks or tiny pricks in the line from cats, mice, or raccoons over the winter. Start fresh for spring by draining the tank and carburetor before adding new fuel.

As you are working with the fuel tank, check all the fluid levels, including the oil. Make sure to fix any leaks you find, and change the oil if you did not do so when you winterized the vehicle. Clean the air filter to make sure that it is free of debris or leaked fluids.

What Else to Check

Starting and stopping your vehicle begins with your battery and brakes, so it is important to check both. Although you may have charged your battery over the winter or kept it on a battery tender, give it a charge and add water if it is a sealed type. Test the brakes to make sure that the pads are good and that they stop properly.

Visually inspect your tires and then test them with a kick, a squeeze, and a pressure check. Underinflated tires will not do the job on the trail, while overinflated ones might burst on the road. Add enough air to meet the manufacturer's instructions.

Give everything else a once over, including the spark plugs, radiator or fan, drive chains, and hand grips. The extra time you spend will ensure a smooth trip once you hit the road.

Give Your UTV a Spring Upgrade

As you prepare your UTV for spring adventures, assess whether you want to upgrade your windshield or add any other accessories. Accessories such as windshields, soft tops, and rear windows make for safer, more comfortable rides. For durable windshields made to fit your vehicle, contact a UTV accessory shop that is an authorized dealer for your make and model UTV.

Performing necessary maintenance and adding safety and comfort accessories is a great way to prepare your UTV for spring.

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Best Practices for Selling a Used ATV

As many of us know far too well, the job market is tough, and many of us are looking for some extra cash. If this is the case for you, or if you're just looking to get some extra money for something new and shiny, you may be considering selling your ATV. It may hurt to let your baby go, but enthusiasts are often willing to shell out some serious cash for a nice used ATV. Notice the keyword there: nice! A beat up old thing will probably steer potential buyers away from the pictures alone. On top of that, knowledgeable buyers may very well ask to take a test run. Such knowledgeable buyers are probably the ones who will be willing to pay the most of top-quality equipment. With all of this in mind, you'll want to make sure your ride is in the best shape possible before you start posting ads. Fortunately, following a few best practices will make this easy enough, while helping you to bring in as much money as possible.

General Upkeep

The first thing you'll need to do is make sure your used ATV is in prime functioning condition. Examine the frame for rust, as this could indicate a crack. Cracks can be fixed by some simple welding by a mechanic, and the repairs should be fairly inexpensive. Check CV joint boots for cracks and general wear and tear. Use a flashlight to look in the gas tank for rust, and check to see if the oil is contaminated (it'll look thick and discolored if so). Check all of your tires for worn bearings by moving them from side to side, and replace them if necessary. Remove the seat, take the air box lid off, and make sure it's clean and dry. Make sure that all front and rear sprockets are straight and uniform with no wear and tear, and test the breaks to see that they're not sticking. Check the exhaust pipe and ensure that there's a spark arrestor. Finally, make sure the tires are fairly fresh.

Remember: everyone who looks at your used ATV knows that it is … well, used. Anybody who's looking for perfect quality will likely be willing to spend the money for a new one, so do not worry too much about perfection. The key to everything above is to make sure that everything is in working order and to fix any damages to the structural integrity before selling it off. Not only is it common court, but it will also ensure that an experienced rider will not be put off by unnecessary wear and tear upon inspection.


Once your vehicle is structurally fit for sale, you'll want to make it pretty for the pictures. First off, remove any stickers you've put on over the years. Buff out or repaint any scratches on the body and replace torn seat cushions or broken plastic. Give your ATV a good wash, and oil chains and gears.

Once again, a good appearance is key. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. With the tips above, you should be able to get a good offer on your used ATV.

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How To List an ATV For Sale

When you have large objects taking up space in the garage, the natural inclining is to sell them. In the Internet age, listing items like an ATV for sale has changed dramatically. A small written ad in the newspaper, or a sign simply will not get the job done in a timely manner. When you want to sell an All Terrain Vehicle quickly and for a reasonable price, your best option is to post it online. However, because people have become skeptical of everything on the Internet, your post will risk getting unnoticed if it is not made properly. With a bit of time and a few key bits of information, you can turn your ATV for sale post from just another listing into a valuable piece alluring a multitude of Internet traffic.

More Pictures, More Clicks

There is a rule with Internet shoppers- the more pictures you offer them, the more they trust you and your credibility. If you are trying to sell something and your post swarms the item is “in good condition,” but does not have any proof, you will be completely ignored by most potential buyers. One picture significantly increases your chances, but more pictures are exponentially more valuable. You want a really nice shot of the entire vehicle, but you should also include images from every angle.

If there are interesting graphics on the sides, get close ups of them. Is it a popular or high quality brand name? Snap a shot that highlights the brand. If the steering column looks nice, take a picture of how it will look when you're driving. Let the shopper visualize him or herself driving the vehicle. By painting a picture with a large number of images, you not only build more trust with the potential buyer, but you also force them to spend more time looking at your post. This will make them more and more invested, and much more likely to respond.

Do not Hide What They'll Find

No one buys an expensive piece of hardware without first seeing it in person. Even if someone responds favorably to your ATV-for-sale listing, there are still several steps before their money is in your hand. If there are scratches or dents, do not try to hide them in your photos – explain them in the post. If it needs a repair of some kind, give the interested party a fair warning. You may think that you are hurting the value, but in reality by hiding the flaws of a product you are setting yourself up for a lot of wasted time with angry shoppers. They are going to inspect every inch of the vehicle before they hand you a dime. If they find something you've hidden they will walk away immediately.

Instead, if you are open and honest with people online, they will be able to make an informed decision on their own. When someone makes a decision independently based on all the available information, they become that much more invested. It is much less likely that they will suddenly change their mind.

Take the time to make your post stand out, and before long the clunky object clogging up your garage will go from an ATV for sale to someone's brand new All Terrain Vehicle.

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Enjoying ATVing With Your Family

If you have not gone ATVing with your family, you're about to learn that it's one of the best ways to explore the great outdoors. Parents who spend too much time cooped up in the office, teenagers with looking for an adrenaline rush, and kids dreaming of their next great adventure can all be satisfied with an ATV tour through Southern Utah. Whether your explorations bring you to the world-class Zion National Park or send you looking for dinosaur tracks at Sand Hollow State Park, ATVing allows you to make the most of your next family-dedicated Saturday or a long weekend getaway. Here's a closer look at what to look for and think about when bringing your family ATVing.

Choose an experienced tour operator

One of the most important steps that you can take is selecting an experienced tour operator. The leading tour operators offer several advantages, from safe and modern ATVs to a well-honed tours for every level of experience. Knowledgeable guides can customize your tours to include activities and approaches that are of interest to participants at every age and ability level. From sweeping vistas for the photographers in the family to rock formations that invite kids to climb, an experienced tour operator will be able to offer it all.

Determine your comfort level and speed

Maybe your family members all enjoy high octane experiences, and bouncing over sand dunes at top speed is something everyone will love. In other cases, sometimes you've got more conservative members that are likely to enjoy a leisurely day of exploring and sightseeing – without the speeding! Whatever your family's style, even if it's somewhere in between the extremes, a conversation with your tour guides can help you adjust the speed of your tour anywhere from mild to wild.

Dress for the occasion

Dressing appropriately for your ATVing experience will ensure that everyone in your family is comfortable. The first step is to dress in layers. Whether you want to remove layers because the weather is hot or add long sleeved shirts to help Avoid sun exposure, dressing in layers ensures you'll be contented no matter what the weather does. Hats and sunglasses are the easiest ways to protect yourself from the sun. Finally, ATVing tends to kick up a lot of dust, so it's helpful to have a bandana or scarf on hand to tie around your face as needed.

Observe basic safety rules

The final note to having a great adventure with your family is observing basic safety rules. One of the most important steps you can take is working with an experienced ATVing tour company. At the beginning of your tour, you'll receive a safety briefing. Through the tour, your guide will be available to answer questions and help you if any potentially difficult situations arise. It is also important to wear any safety gear that's recommended, including helmets.

Are you ready to experience the great outdoors in a way that you never have before? ATVing offers the chance to explore little known areas and get hands-on with some of the most fascinating natural formations, historical sites, and sandy expanses in Southern Utah. Contact an experienced tour operator today to learn more about scheduling a time to go ATVing with your family.

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Caution: Don’t Settle Your ATV Accident Claim Too Quickly

While ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) have a reputation for being unwieldy and dangerous, it is also an opportunity for a lot of fun. Being properly instructed in how to care for and operate the ATV can make all the difference between having great outdoor fun, or a tragic accident. It's all too common to hear about a terrible accident with adults and children who have been seriously injured or killed riding these vehicles. People do not keep in mind that like any other type of vehicle, an ATV can be dangerous. You need to learn how to operate one in much the same way as a car, sports utility vehicle, motorcycle or truck. People do not just buy a car or other vehicle and expect to take it out and drive it fast and still be safe. They take instruction, pass a test, and practice, practice practice. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when talking about an All Terrain Vehicle.

What can you do if you or your children want to be involved in this fun sport? Learn the right way to operate your vehicle, and learn the laws regarding what you can do and can not do. Most accidents which involve an ATV are due to the vehicle being used improperly, or by ignorance on the part of the rider. While there are no guarantees for safety, taking sound precautions in operating them will help to minimize the risk of an ATV accident.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, no one under the age of 16 should be allowed to operate a full sized ATV. This is one of the reasons that many manufacturers are producing ones that have less powerful engines, which are easier for a child to control. Also, before any child is allowed to ride an ATV they must be made aware of the correct rules and procedures for operating such vehicles. There are many training courses available which will teach the correct procedures for driving and how to handle any problems which may come up. Children and ATVs can have a great time, or be a great danger. Education is the key.

If you have been involved in an ATV accident, use caution before reaching a claim settlement agreement with the insurance company. Do you really know the cause of the All Terrain Vehicle accident? You may think you do, but many accidents are caused by improperly functioning elements of the vehicle. This is certainly a case where you would want to consult with an ATV lawyer who has both the experience with actual cases, and with knowledge of how to use and operate the vehicles themselves.

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4 Types of ATVs You Can Choose From

If you are planning on buying an all terrain vehicle, you need to spend a fair amount of time researching the right type of quad for you. Although ATVs are designed with versatility in mind, you should make your money count by considering factors such as features, size, price and purpose. To facilitate your research, here are the four types of ATVs, classified according to intended use, to consider.

Sports ATVs

With sizes ranging from 250 cc to 700 cc, these lightweight sports quads are very popular all around the world because of their speed, suspension and agility. These ATVs are faster than the other types of quads and designed with suspension systems that can handle rough terrain. With their speed and stability, sports quads are usually purchased for the purpose of entering a sanctioned race.

Neverheless, a sports ATV is also suitable to ride across various terrains. It's great suspension and super lightweight allows the rider to climb uphill, take quick turns or run over obstacles with ease. Furthermore, riders have a lot of fun with this type of ATV because it can be customized and be made unique with numerous accessories and modifications. Sports quads are perfect for riders with a serious need for speed and who are considering starting to race competitively.

Utility ATVs

If you happen to visit rural areas, the quads that you will usually see are utility ATVs. This ATV type has a huge motor and is typically equipped with accessories used for hunting or ranching. People purchase utility ATVs primarily as a machine that could lend a hand on hauling cargo, plowing snow, feeding livestock, etc ..

Do not think for once that utility ATVs are reserved for farmers. They are also the vehicle of choice for hunters, especially the quiet utility ATVs that are powered by electricity. Aside from prohibiting hunters to roam around the woods without spooking wild animals, electric utility ATVs are dependent upon carry game. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a quad for both practicality and pleasure, the utility ATV is the perfect match for you.

Side by Side ATVs

When you hear the words Rhino or SxS, the speaker is referring to the side by side quad. From a far, a person can make the mistake of thinking that the quad is a golf cart and that is OK because this is the only type of ATV that can carry passengers. Similar to sports quads, side by sides are also lightweight with forgiving suspension, but they do have a wheeler wheel base that allows riders to squeeze into tight spots.

With its versatility, Rhinos are purchased for a variety of reasons. A few towns allow this ATV type to be registered for highway use. Others buy it to serve as pit vehicles at events like sanctioned races. Servicemen also use modified sides by sides for specific missions and applications. Opt for this type of quad if you are looking to carry multiple users while pursuing your outdoor interests.

Youth ATVs

The ATV for kids is the smallest amongst the group. To give a better idea, the size of youth quads range from 50 cc up to 125 cc. They are manufactured to give kids a chance to safely hone their riding skills. This type of quad provides very little suspension, come with automatic transmission and deliver a fraction of the power offered by other ATV types. Buy this type of ATV if you want your kids to love you forever.

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How to Introduce Your Kids to ATVs

More and more kids under 12 years of age are discovering the fun and excitement that come with riding a quad. If dad, mom or both are riding across sand dunes or rough terrain, the kids would be intensely enamored with the activity that they can not wait to be old enough to ride an all terrain vehicle. As a parent, you too are excited for the day when your youngsters are big and mature enough to handle the quad. Neverheless, if that day is almost in sight, learn how to introduce your kids to ATVs here.

Get the Right Size

First off, you have to think about the size of your child. If you are an avid rider, you know very well that larger larger quads are heavier, faster and more difficult to manoeuvre. Therefore small and skinny kids will have a lot of trouble handling the larger youth ATVs.

Practice Wear Safety Safety

At the sight of the vehicle, your kids would be so thrilled that they might jump on the vehicle without any gear. Do not let them ride into the sunset just yet. Teach them the importance of wearing safety equipment. Before starting the engine, make sure your kids are wearing a helmet, body armor, gloves, pants and a long-sleeved shirt. There are never enough precautions when it comes to your children.

Start Early with Electric Quads

If you are really passionate about riding outdoors and you want to start your kids as early as possible, electric quads are available on the market to help your kids build confidence. These quads are battery-powered, super lightweight and are incredibly slow. The idea is not to give your kids the adrenaline pumping ride that you enjoy as an adult. By playing with a slow and safe toy, children will acquire essential skills to ride larger quads such as steering and braking.

Acquire Experience with Youth Quads

If your young ones have experience riding a quad, they are ready to handle a 50 cc gas motor ATV. This ultra light youth quad is small with minimal to no suspension. More importantly, the vehicle is outfitted with a governor to control the quad's top speed. Taking baby steps is important to avoid any accident. After a few weeks of riding and you can see the development of your kids, you have the option of increasing the maximum speed.

As an added precaution, safety kill switches attached to a tether are available for small quads. An adult can hold the tether while walking behind the vehicle and should something unexpected happen, a quick pull will kill the quad's engine.

Get Them Ready for Bigger ATVs

Once your kids have shown sufficient skill and awareness, the next step is to move up to a 70 cc quad. The recommended age for an ATV this size is 13 years old, and the recommendation does not change until your kids hit 16.

At this level, age and skill are very important because these vehicles are heavier and quicker which means they are dangerous to those with no skill. Again, ensure that your kids are always wearing safety equipment before going on a ride. Lastly if you are riding as a whole family or a group, do not make the mistake of going too fast. Kids are going to try to catch up and when they do, they may commit errors that could lead to accidents.

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