Classic Cars: Original, Restored, Restored and Modified

Not all owners of classic cars think in the same way. Some prefer to keep them original (patina and minor issues), some completely restore them and some restore them and also do modifications. All three require the love and attention to detail of a classic car collector. No matter his preference the commitment, effort and knowledge associated with this very involved hobby is admirable.

Original Vehicles

An original vehicle is one that has been maintained so well that it has all of its original factory specified parts. Their parts have been mostly fixed rather than replaced and if they had been replaced at one time it will have been with the original part intended for the model from the exact year of its introduction. To determine the originality of a classic, enthusiasts look for “matching numbers”, serial numbers that are stamped on parts through the car that match each other and the number originally associated with the car in its year.

Pros and Cons

Original vehicles are extremely hard to come by. To produce one takes the most time and money because the original parts are as rare as or more rare than the car itself. Because of the lack of availability of models and their parts, many car owner's claiming “original” are actually restored. A true original and a restored vehicle should look the same and nearly operate the same, but because of the difference in original parts vs. re-manufactured parts, the prestige and value of a true original is significantly higher. The value of the three types of vehicles fluctuates based on the changing demand of collectors just like many consumables, but original vehicles, even in their shabiest appearances can sell for 35% more than their perfectly restored alternative, a reason why you'll find a lot of speculation on which route to take.

Restored Vehicles

Restored vehicles are made to look and drive like they did the day they were introduced to consumers. Their owners however, choose to replace parts with factory refurbished remakes of original parts. Using the original as inspiration, a car restorer will match the interior, parts and paint as closely to its glory days as possible.

Pros and Cons

Because restoration parts are easier to obtain and the restoration route creates more of its kind, this vehicle is less rare and often less valuable than an original. This is also the reason a collector can achieve results faster and perhaps joyride in his car sooner and for longer, a pro that's hard to argument if you're familiar with the work required of an original. As previously stated, the monetary value of a restored is less than an original in many cases, but there is value in having the most fun in your car and if that's a high priority for an owner than this is a fine choice!

Resto-mod Vehicles

Resto-mod is short for restored and modified. These vehicles are the farthest from originals. They are restored and often “modernfied” if you will. Some owners choose to enhance the engine, make it more fuel efficient, or add modern luxuries like a preferred sound system or safety features.

Pros and Cons

The sky is the limit for an owner with the freedom of modifications. He can build his dream car! Resell for these cars is difficult though and the return could be even less than was put in it so this is the largest pit fall. The reward is grand and the risk too, is grand, but for many this is the perfect fit for them. The value of a restored and modified vehicle is very unpredictable because the vehicle has been tailor to its owner's specific tastes and he had to find a similar buyer, something to consider when choosing this method and while choosing each modification as well, if reselling is an area of ‚Äč‚Äčimportance at all.

The debate and judgment of this sector of cars will always be, keeping this art form alive and well, but one thing is certain; classic car owners love their cars and that's worthy of respect. After considering research you'll find that each collector has to make their car collecting decisions based on his own lifestyle and what he plans to do with it, re-sell or enjoy. Judge a collector not by the category of his car, but how well it's been done and cared for.

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4 Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting Car Cleaning Services

Your car is your pride. Keeping it spick and span is your responsibility. Picking the right professional car cleaning services is your responsibility as well. However, many car owners unwittingly end up committing mistakes while selecting professional car cleaners.

Listed below are a few of those mistakes. Educate yourself in order to avoid them.

Rushing through the Process
“Over-prioritizing” budget is never advisable. Have you already started comparing quotes online? Your initial instinct is to settle for the cheapest of services out there. The key is to strike the perfect balance between cost and quality. Settling for cost-effective services is definitely advisable. However, do not settle for poor quality services arbitrarily just to save money. Car cleaning is a nuanced exercise. Credentialed professionals employ superior cleaning agents to render your car spotless. They'll not be able to quote incredibly low even if they want to. Keep this point in view before arbitrarily settling for the cheapest services.

Being too Shy to Ask about the Package
Most of us are too eager to set up for the cheapest services. Then there are others who are too shy to ask about the exact packages. There are times when car owners do not ask about the total cost of the package. There are certain services in the package that you may not even use but pay the entire amount. This is pure waste of money.

Find the costs relating to particular services. Compare packages offered by different companies. Do no pay for the services that you are not using. Make the most of your investment.

Not acquitting yourself with their cleaning techniques
Your responsibility does not end with finding a professional car cleaner. Cleaning techniques may differ with different brands or makes of car. Acquaint yourself with the same. Find out whether the professional cleaners are adopting the right techniques or cleaning agents or not. If not, consider switching services.

Chemical cleaning, for instance, is not recommended for all cars. Is it harmful for your car as well? Have you found that out? It is important for you to ask the professional cleaners about their techniques. Are they using caustic cleaning agents? Can they affect the paint of your car?

Opting for Cleaning Services Too Soon
Do you know how long the effect of your car wash would last? If not, then you seriously need to find that out. If you are taking your car for cleaning too soon then you're unnecessarily spending money. Opt for the services of professional car cleaners who can offer you long lasting services within competitive price brackets. In short, it is important for you to know how frequently your car needs cleaning services. Do check out warranties duly as well.

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The Power of the Race Car Clutch

People who drive manual transition cars use their clutch every time they drive. It is important that someone who races for a living considers a variety of clutches before they simply have one installed. Consider specialized components that have been manufactured specifically for race cars and super cars. In this article I will focus on the types of clutches suitable for race cars.

Combustion engines generally have low torque bands. Because of this the speed of the wheels need to be altered so that it is compatible with the speed. Changing transmissions helps to control the driving experience and the speed. If you want to change the flow of energy in a car, you would require a clutch to do so. That's why the clutch is so important. They are used to change the flow of speed and energy in a car without turning it off or causing it to lag.

Many clutches are available in sets called clutch kits. It contains all the components necessary for a properly functioning clutch. The material that the clutch is made of is quite important and must be taken into consideration. Some clutches are made of Kevlar. Kevlar is a material that was created to last for a long time and it has a smooth transition sequence. Although they may last for a long time, they often require a long break-in period up to a thousand miles. It's definitely a good choice if you're choosing to drive with an engine that may have been modified.

However, Kevlar is not the only material to consider. A ceramic clutch will be very practical for those who plan on driving a race car. Your car is going to work hard and drive a lot. The transmissions are going to be continuously engaging and disengaging with the engines. This can cause a lot of heat. Fortunately, ceramic clutches can withstand a great amount of heat. Due to the high heat resistance that ceramic clutches offer, this is one of the best options out there.

All clutches, regardless of strength or what material they're made are actually going to break down. At this stage clutch repairs are vital to anyone who wants to preserve their manual transmission race car. Race car clutches will need to be checked as often as possible to avoid delays and problems on the track. Every part has to be in optimum working condition if you want to win that next race.

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Brake Discs Used On Commercial Vehicles

There is a big difference between the lifespan of commercial vehicle brake discs and passenger driven vehicle brake discs. Commercial vehicles spend a lot more time on the road and often carry heavier loads. Braking in this case, will be more intense and, often, brake repairs are frequent.

The specifications of the brake discs that need to be used on commercial vehicles have to be met to the point. These specifications include:

  • Reduced wear and judder – materials used in the rotors have to be stronger and resistant to wear, heat and friction. You might wonder why these parts are not installed on passenger or light weight vehicles. The reason is that they are bigger and much heavier than standard models of brake discs. Reduced wear and judder is also successful because of its unacceptably low tolerance level.
  • Withstands heat – the specialized materials used to manufacture these parts are technologically advanced. They can disperse heat caused by friction easier and more uniformly. Uniform dispersion also prevails the surface and shape from deforming and cracking under the high pressures.
  • Works well under force – some commercial vehicles carry extremely heavy loads. Braking has to be enhanced because the momentum is much higher which it makes it more difficult to stop. The brake discs need to be strong enough to slow the vehicle down without cracking or breaking under the intense weight.
  • Uniform wear – uneven wear is often caused by another component that is also uneven. It can also be caused by overloading the car. There are standard weights that the car can handle and anything over this limit could impact engine overload and uneven brake disc wear. The discs can always be skimmed but skimming could decrease the quality of the material and function.

Spotting problematic disks is easy and quick to notice. Here is a list of the different problems and what they look like:

  • Blue discs – under high temperatures, the disc will become blue. Extremely high temperatures are caused by heavy stopping and constant usage of the brakes. The calliper should also be checked in case the problem lies there.
  • Heat Checking – under stress pressure, heat and cold create a pattern that marks stretches marks. These appear when rapid cooling occurs.
  • Cracks and Spots – these look patchy and uneven. They are caused by excessive heating. This can be avoided if you apply your brakes correctly without sudden stopping.

Brake discs need to be checked regularly in order to maintain safe braking. Commercial vehicles need to be maintained because of the pressure they experience. Plus the time spent on the road could decrease the quality of many components and engine parts.

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Modifying a Car: DIY Car Painting Tips

Modifying a car is one of the most exciting activities. The car eventually becomes personal to you and everyone associates the style with your personality. Painting your car is the first step to a unique look but you will need to follow a procedure.

  • Make sure that you have all your tools on hand. This includes sand paper, electric sandwich, masking tape, newspapers, air compressors and spray guns. Also consider weather conditions such as sunshine, wind and rain.
  • Make sure that you have the correct chemicals for the paint such as thinners, primer, undercoat and top coat. All these are necessary to prolong the life of the paint job.
  • Remove all the dust in your work area to prevent particles landing on the wet paint. Particles will destroy the smooth finish. You also need to clean the car to remove all grease and road contaminants.
  • Never forget to wear a face mask, goggles and gloves to avoid getting the chemicals on your skin. These items will also protect you from the particles that come off when you sand current enamel off the car.
  • Sand the car in circular motions for a uniform surface. The more uniform the better the end result. Once you have finished with sanding the chassis, apply thinners onto a cloth and wipe the surface. Thinners will get the remaining paint off.
  • Priming the surface provides a good base coat to prolong the life of the paint job. It also helps to set the chemicals for an even finish. If you do not want a specific section of the car to be painted, cover those areas with masking tape or newspaper.
  • Apply thin layers of primer and paint so that clumps and drops do not form. Thinner coats will set quicker and allow you to add another coat on top without unsightly formations.
  • Follow all the rations mentioned on the instructions of the paint packages. There might be a different amount of chemicals that need to be mixed with the right amount of thinners.
  • Cover the tires with newspaper so that the paint does not come into contact with the rubber. If the paint dries against the rubber it could decrease the lifespan of the tyre.

Follow these tips to create an old, but improved version of your vehicle. Above all, always remember to follow all the safety rules on any of the spray or paint bottles for your own protection and the protection of others. Although you are equipped with protective gear always spray paint in a ventilated area.

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Accommodating for the Power When Fitting a Big Engine in a Small Car

Car enthusiasts love creating an amazing machine out of a basic one. They always look for the most extreme engines and car parts to manufacture a street monster. It's all fun and games, but you must know exactly what you are doing.

The first thing that pops up in a car enthusiasts head when they see an old car is “How cool would this piece of rubbish be if I stuck a big fat V8 in it?”. That's when you know that they have some big ideas for that old wagon.

Most small cars that have had a big engine fitted will also have turbochargers. Bigger engines in small cars make them heavier and will require more power to move faster. The turbocharger will allow the driver to achieve this without using more petrol.

The most crucial part of swapping engines is the rewiring process. The distributor has been programmed to fire the sparkplugs at the correct time. The person doing the modification will have to test the firing times before fixing it into the bonnet.

The engine will also have to be connected to the throttle correctly in order to drive. It will also have to be connected to the speedometer for correct measurement of speed and how many revolutions per minute (RPM) the engine is doing.

You will also need to find a way to keep the engine cool. The space is smaller and retains more heat. Engine overheating is damaging and the correct cooling system is necessary. Coolant hoses will also need to be wider in diameter for more flow to the other engine parts.

In some cases, you may need to change the gear box for an increased amount of gears. The engine may not be used to full capacity if it does not have a smaller gear to go to. Remember that the first gear is for higher torque and less speed. This means that the gear is bigger to allow for that power. Higher gears are smaller to allow for more speed as there is not as much diameter to go around.

Axles will also need to be changed or enhanced. Small cars do not have very strong axles as they are not meant to go at extremely high speeds.

Check that the wheels and tires can handle the speed too. Older and smaller cars have thinner tires that will wear away at higher speeds. Ask a tyre supplier to advise you on this so that you get the most of the added engine capacity.

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What Not To Do When Modifying a Car

Although, the car might be all yours to change and enhance, did you know that some configurations made you into trouble? Before making these changes to your vehicle, make sure that these are not one of them:

Installing Nitrous Oxide Cylinders – these are intense performance boosting parts that can make the car shoot forward with incredible force and speed. Nitrous oxide is also something that many drivers can not handle because of this incredible force.

Bigger Wheels – vehicles have a standard wheel well size that can only fit a specific size wheel and tire. Fitting larger wheels and tires have the risk of rotating against the well that wearing down the rubber on the tyre. There is also the risk of shaving off parts of the rubber and hitting the roads at high speeds. This puts other drivers at risk as their attention will be distorted.

Dark Tints – there has to be visual clearance through the windows of the car. Tints that block the driver's face is noted as an indemnity. The only windows that can have extremely dark tints are the back windows but they can not be completely black. It is also necessary to see into the car in case you have reported your car as stolen. The police will be able to describe the driver to other police officers.

Loud Exhaust – Not only is a loud exhaust irritating to the ear but it can also get you a fine. Loud exhausts disturb the peace in certain suburbs and towns. There is a limit as to how loud the exhaust can be before you get dropped over.

Droppedensions – many cars were not made to have the chassis of the car so close to the road. A dropped suspension also makes it difficult for the driver to go over road humps.

Light Modifications – the driver is not allowed to change or tint the color of the lights on the car. Standard light colors have been used for other drivers to notice you in case you suddenly brake. Tinting the glass cover is also against standard rules of the law. Indicator light configurations are also not allowed. These need to remain the standard color at all times.

Under Body Neon Lights – these are bright lights that are installed underneath the car. These trick people into believing that you are a cop car. It is also reliably distracting when driving at night.

The best types of modifications to have installed are new and classy wheels from an accredited wheel supplier , as well as standard aesthetic changes such as paintwork or vinyl decals on the chassis done by a professional.

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Tidy Car Interiors Could Have Multifaceted Benefits

When did you get your car interiors cleaned thoroughly? Chances are that it may have happened long back during the last servicing of the car. The truth is car interior cleaning is often neglected. In most cases, it is left to the car wash guy who cleans the foot mat, dashboard, seats, windscreen, rear screen and side windows once in a week. Considering the lack of knowledge and equipment at his disposal, you can not expect a good job from him. He is simply not equipped to keep your car interiors tidy.

Now, imagine the kind of pollutants that enter your car on a regular basis. You can not stop the dust from entering the car even if you always drive with side windows in the raised position. Loose dust, dirt and grime come inside the car through your shoes and get stuck on the carpet. If shoes are wet, carpets absorb the moisture and become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. And if you have kids, you'll have a range of items, including food particles and spilled milk and drinks polluting the interiors.

In other words, a comprehensive car interior cleaning is something you need to take seriously. Here're a few reasons for going for it.

1. Ensuring hygienic conditions
Driver and other occupants of the car touch the interior surfaces of the numerous times every day. Sweat and oil from hands, shoes, drinks and food items contaminate every surface, right from the clutch, brake, accelerator to the steering wheel and from stereo to seats and windows. Therefore, it is imperative to disinfect the interiors at regular intervals by professionals who have access to right products for this kind of cleaning operations.

2. Containing the risks of allergies
Food particles and residue of spilled liquids can accumulate over a period of inside the car. This could lead to mold growth responsible for triggering several allergies and health problems. Vacuuming and cleaning of every nook and corner, including upholstery, carpeting and other surfaces can go a long way in minimizing the health risks involved.

3. Maintaining a high resale value
No one would like to pay a big sum for a used car with dirty interiors. In line with this, it is imperative to keep the car in a perfect condition, both from outside and inside.

4. Enjoying a relaxing drive
Driving could be a stress buster with so much tension in our lives nowdays. Maintaining a tidy interior of your car can make your drive more pleasurable, which is sure to help manage stress and enhance the quality of life.

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Using Microfiber Cloths for Car Detailing

Microfiber is a very practical cleaning material that is common in a wide range of industries. It is made from man-made materials like finely woven polyamide and polyester fibers. The fine polyamide is appreciated for its ability to create a great softness, while the polyester helps to provide its strength and durability. By combining these materials, it is possible to create something that is able to easily stand up to hard-wearing use and a great option for waxing or detailing a car.

There are several types of microfiber cloths, pads and mitts that can be used in the process of giving the car a very good clean. Here are a few of the different options:

General purpose

The most common type of cloth is created with a standard terry cloth weave that is a combination of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. This is a great all-purpose option and useful for wiping leather, plastic, vinyl, glass and paint. Also, it helps to have a reliably good thickness for this cloth.

Glass and polishing

The preferred cloth for a lot of glass cleaning and polishing work is certain to be 100% lint free. It will have short naps compared to the general cloth, but must still offer sufficient scrubbing power. This cloth must be able to remove streaks or other marks left by water. Also, a microfiber cloth with no edge is a great choice because it will minimize the risk of scratching a superficial surface.


The preferred options for drying include the microfiber cloths with a waffle or terry cloth weave. Cloths with a very short terry loop are practical for drying. It is best to avoid cloths with a plush, heavy nap because it will be difficult to wring out in the event of getting wet. The waffle and terry cloth are both great at absorbing water, but the waffle pattern is just a little more effective at holding water longer to limit the number of times it becomes necessary to wring the cloth out.


The microfiber options for cleaning have a very course and tight nap with strands that are not split. This type of cloth is not intended to give the most reliable option when it comes to soaking up water. It should be used for basic janitorial work and not the fine car detailing steps. A few of the good options include the polishing and waffle weave cloths for this work.

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How to Keep Your Car Interior Clean

If you take pride in your car ownership, you will certainly want to invest a little time and effort to maintain its all-round appearance. This will involve taking the necessary steps to keep the interior clean, tidy and dirt-free. Let's take a look at a few things that can keep the car interior clean:

Collect trash

Keep a small trash bag handy to avoid a slow build up of unwanted mess in your car. Most cars do not have a designated place to put the trash, so a conveniently place bag will ensure the trash is kept in one place and is easy to remove when necessary.

No food

A simple method to avoid the build up of mess in the car is to avoid creating it in the first place. Eating food is likely to be one of the major reasons that leads to unwanted mess and smells in the restricted space of your car. Try to eat before taking a drive to maintain a much cleaner and fresher smelling car.

Use air fresheners

A simple method to keep the car smelling nice is to use an air freshener. It does not take much for a car to start to get a little stinky, so the consistent use of fresheners will help keep the space smelling fresh. Also, the typical gas-station air fresheners are not very long-lasting. For this reason, it benefits to invest in few at once and replace them at regular intervals.

Vacuum as needed

Giving the car a good vacuum is one of the most basic steps to keep the interior clean and free of everyday dirt and debris. Use the vacuum as you preliminary step to get the worst of the mess out of the car before starting to work on the more detailed cleaning methods.

Stain remover

Leave a simple stain remover tool inside the car. This can resemblance something as small as a pen and designed to stop a wide range of spills from becoming a permanent mark on your car. They are particularly good for food or drink spills, such as tea, wine, coffee, BBQ sauce, ketchup, tomato juice, etc.

Clean regularly

A regular car clean is the most effective way to stay on top of any potential trash or dirt issues. If trash is left behind after a meal or dirt from your shoes is left to build up on the carpets, the interior will soon become a very unattractive mess.

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Benefits of Polishing and Waxing Your Car

Whether you have owned a car for many years or just bought a new model, it is practical to put in place a proper maintenance schedule. There are many things to consider in the process of maintenance. It is essential to keep on top of the mechanical maintenance to ensure the vehicle is kept running. However, you also want to invest time on the general appearance inside and out. Keeping the vehicle in top condition related on a variety of methods such as washing, polishing and waxing.

Let's take a look at the benefits of polishing and waxing your vehicle:


A proper polishing session is a wonderful way to restore the paint. Polishing is practical for correcting a variety of issues, such as problems related to etching, water spots, swirl marks, scratches and stone chips. Applying polish to improve the appearance is only practical if the chips or scratches are surface marks. If the vehicle has deep penetrating marks, the process of applying polish on its own is not enough to restore the original look.

Once the polishing is complete, the vehicle will have a nice protective layer that lasts for quite a while. There will be fewer issues with dirt and grime because a clean, smooth surface is more difficult to stick to. This should mean it is a lot easier to keep the vehicle clean in the future.

Also, the polishing process should only take place when it is actually needed. It can include certain degrees of roughness which is needed to remove the minor signs of damage. If a vehicle is polished too often, there is a risk of compromising the all-round quality of the paint.


Out of the two options, waxing is the least harsh cleaning method because it does not feature abrasive compounds that can affect the paint overtime. But, it is still useful to provide a great protective layer on the paint to minimize issues with scratches, chips, or general contaminants in the air. Plus, a regular waxing session is certain to leave the vehicle looking sparkling clean and makes the basic process of washing significantly easier. Even though waxing is a practical choice to minimize the surface marks and scratches, it is not a reliable option to restore the paint like a high-quality polish. Also, it is necessary to use the waxing method more often than polishing to help maintain the all-round appearance of the vehicle.

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The Hatchback: Lenso Wheels on Everyday Cars

There are always drivers out there who try their best to make the best modified car on the streets. They change everything from the external trim to the interiors. Are you looking at making your car completely customized too? Start off with changing the wheels first as they can make the most dramatic impact.

What shape is your car? Sometimes, certain wheels only look good on certain shapes such as hatchbacks, sedan or coupes. Hatchback car models look really good with the busier wheels with over six spokes. The series ranges that have this unique look are Black Angel, Opus, Project D and Samurai.

Black Angel wheels usually come in a two tone style. The style of the spokes on the Black Angel wheels is tapered. You will not see the variation at first glance but the fine detail adds beauty to the multiple spoke wheels. This, quite, gives your hatchback a unique appearance. Many of the Black Angel wheels have a spiral center that looks like it has a mirage effect. This specific model has a shiny silver face with the interior a complete black. The gap between the two colors allows you to visibly see the difference.

Samurai is one of the most popular series of Lenso Wheels. Most of the models have a completely silver face with the linings in black that almost looks like a mask – something that a Samurai would wear. Samurai wheels complete hatchbacks because of their contrasting appearance. Samurai usually has complicated patterns that look stunning on a small car. Each Samurai model is also equipped with a unique sign. The sign is the logo for the series and is always in red so that it gets noticed.

The Opus series does not have many models in the range that has the multiple spokes style. A few wheels in this range have a specific pattern that is unique to the series. For example, the OP3 model has its spokes paired and the OP5 alternates between a pair of spokes and a single singular spoke.

Project D was mainly made for drift racers but Lenso decided to add a version of this range for the everyday driver. If you look at any of the models, you will notice that between each speaker is a curved V-shape without sharp points. Each spoke is also quite deep for better support. This series is also another popular Lenso Wheels brand that looks good on small hatchback vehicles.

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Brake Discs: What Makes Up The Braking Systems?

Apart from the actual engine, the braking system may be the most important system of the car. Why? Without brakes, you will never be able to stop which means that the car is just a metallic wagon.

So, what makes up this incredible lifesaving system? You will be surprised how simple the system is yet how practical the input is. That is why this structure is has been around for such a long time.

Starting from the inside of the car, you will have the pedal which puts you in control of the braking system. This pedal is connected to the master cylinder which is linked to the wheel cylinders and callipers with pipes that contain the fluid.

The master cylinder basically works like a plunger: every time you apply the pedal, you are compressing hydraulic oil into the pipes. The master cylinder is located in front of the driver's seat. Typically, the master cylinder has two plungers in one housing unit. Each cylinder controls the braking of two wheels for safer deceleration. Problem that you could experience with the master cylinder includes internal leaking or air bubbles.

The calliper is the outer layer of the rest of the system. A calliper is a device that contains two arms for gripping onto something. It is quite similar to a piston in appearance. In this instance, the calliper is attached to the brake pads to cover the brake disc.

Some cars have drum brakes installed at the rear wheels. Fluid would be forced into the wheel cylinders which will push the brake shoes out. Linings will then be pressed against the drum causing the car to slow down. The drum brake consists of a wheel cylinder, the linings, the shoes and the drum that houses it altogether.

Overall, a braking system includes the pedal, master cylinder, brake pipes or hoses, wheel cylinders, callipers, brake pads and brake discs. Surrounding the system is the wheel hub, and the back plate.

Before replacing any part of the braking system, the mechanic will have to look at which type of structure the car uses when it is a brake disc or drum brake. From that point the mechanic can easily fix any problems you might be having that accumulated over time. By having sufficient knowledge of the braking system will allow the mechanic to select the correct components for your particular type of car.

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Automotive Lights: What Do All the Lights Mean?

All cars are equipped with a functioning set of lights on the interior and exterior of the car. The lights that are usually found on your dashboard are for your convenience to notify you if there is a problem with the car. The exterior lights are there for the other drivers so that they know what you are about to do.

The indicator lights can be found in the front and the back of the car. These usually shine bright orange so that drivers around you can see that you intend on turning left or right, or are about to change into the next lane. Sometimes, car manufacturers install the indicator lights on the side mirrors for other drivers to have better visibility of your car and the movements you are about to make.

Hazards lights are also orange but flash constantly to notify other drivers that there is a problem with your car. Other drivers will understand that you can not move faster or at all. So they may safely overtake you.

The headlights are located at the front of the car. These lights are turned on when there is poor visibility of the road. Night time and rainy weather is the main reason for their use. There is hardly any reflection on the car at night and it is best to let all night drivers know that you are present on the road.

Fog lights are located on the front of the car too. These are used to see through thick mist or fog and for others to see you. Nowadays, people use them to communicate with other drivers.

Reverse lights are located at the back of the car. It is necessary to have these lights as you have to notify other drivers that you are moving backwards. This will prevent drivers from ramming into you and it lets them know that they, too, have to reverse.

When you put the headlights on, the rear lights will also go on. These are usually a dull red that travels quite far for drivers further away to see. They can not be very bright in case you blind the drivers.

Brake lights also shine red but much brighter so that other drivers can see that you are in a stationary position. These will only illuminate if you press the brake pedal. It shines brightly because when there is stop-go traffic, people behind you need to know what your intention is.

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Re-Conditioning Your Vehicle (Exterior)

Part 1

Exterior- Visual / Cosmetic

The most appealing part of a vehicle is the appearance. For the most part it helps if you have minimal body damage ie: dents, scrapes, dings, scratches etc. I usually recommend having major dents and body damage professionally repaired. It may cost more upfront but in the end it will retain the value and aesthetic demeanor of the vehicle over time.

1) A Good Wash

  • Go to your local automotive store or and buy a wash bucket, microfiber wash mitt, a good car wash soap and a good medium grade clay bar. Most stores you can find these items in a kit or kits ranging from anywhere from $ 20- $ 50. You can also get this step done at your local detailing shop costing up of $ 250- $ 500, but if you are trying to keep costs down a DIY is the way to go!
  • Use warm water and clay bar the vehicle first. you may have to repeat this step 2-3 times to get all the dirt and grime off that is not visible to the naked eye. Let's say its like a facial cleanser for the surface of the body panels.
  • Get your bucket use a generous amount of soap and add water. next rinse off the vehicle to make sure all contaminants are off. Give the vehicle a good scrub and rinse repeat 2-3 times depending on how dirty the vehicle is to begin with. dry off with a cowhide or micro fiber cloth or let it air dry under the sunlight.

2) Exterior Polish / Wax

For this step I recommend taking your vehicle to a professional as if you have not polished before you run into the risk of burning through the clear coat and paint so costing even more money than what you set out to spend. Basically, what a good 2 step polish does for the vehicle is bring back that deep lustre and high gloss shine giving the vehicle a “like” brand new look again. You may also polish your head lights, tail lights and wax your windows for a great finished look. For the DIY you need a good multiple speed polisher, polishing pads, and a good 2- step polishing kit. These items can also be found at your local Automotive store or online detailing stores. For the do-it-yourselfers I will have another article available on the step by step on how to polish and wax.

Wheels and Tire Shine

Wheels are also important in the exterior appearance. Have any curve rash.damage repaired, or the wheels re-finished as whole itself will add significant visual points to the exterior presentation. Lastly do not forget to shine those tires up with a good tire shine product.

For the most part this is the key ingredients for doing a “like new” re-condition to your vehicle. These methods can also be used on motorcycles, boats, rv's etc.

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