Car Auctions for The Public – How to Get The Car You Want

When it comes to buying a car, many people choose used cars over new cars. This is due the value of new cars will drop drastically, approximately 40% within first 2 or 3 years. For instance, if you buy a new car for $ 21,500, you can get the same car used in 2 years for about $ 17,500, which is about $ 4,000 cheaper. People often go to public car auctions to get used cars because they will be able to buy a decent car at a wholesale price. However, you need to know some tips of how to get the car you want in one of these auctions.

First of all, always be prepared with cash or a bank draft, as most of the time, you will have to pay on the spot, or within a very short period of time. Having cash or bank draft in your hand also helps you not to spend more than you plan and to stick within your budget. Next, you need to come to the auction about one or two hours earlier to inspect the cars in which you have interest. Do not just stick to one car because if other buyers are interested and bid very high, you will have to keep up by increasing your bid to be able to win the auction and secure the car. Having some cars in mind as options is highly recommended. Bring a friend who knows about cars to give you advice whether the car you want is good or not, and whether it is worth the value. Do not come by yourself if you have no idea about cars as you might end up buying a car that is in poor condition. If a test drive is allowed, test drive the car and see how it feels and if everything runs smoothly. Do not forget to ask for the list of the auctioned cars before the auction begins. This way, you can make a note about the cars as they are shown to the public one by one. You can also estimate how much you are willing to pay for the cars you are interested in based on the specifications you have already written down. Bear in mind not to bid right away for the car you like, but learn the bidding process first. Study how the auctioneer leads the bidding and how people bid in response to competitive bids. You can then try to bid but always stick within your budget reduction.

The most important thing is that you should not pay more than what you planned to pay just because other bidders keep increasing their bids, as you may end up getting the car for a price much higher than what the car is really worth.

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Which Type of Liquidation Selling Is Best?

The term liquidation sale brings to mind ideas of businesses in dire financial straits, getting rid of assets as quickly as possible to generate a lot of cash, usually to pay creditors. While it is an accurate definition of such a situation and one that is seen all too often due to economic conditions, there are other types of clearances as well. Although this term does not have any negative connotation, it is purely a means of selling merchandise or equipment quickly to generate capital whatever the purpose may be.

Often auctions are considered a fast way of moving items that must be sold immediately. Although true for many different items, it is not necessarily the case with heavy machinery. Of course, there will always be some companies needing to unload equipment as quickly as possible and heavy equipment auctions are definitely one of the best places to do this. It is also very common for an auction venue to be used by businesses needing to upgrade equipment which can only be done once older units have been sold.

Types of Sales

Some of the liquidation selling opportunities that exist include:

  • Auctions – For some companies, auctions are simply the best way to liquid heavy equipment. The positive side to selling such heavy equipment in this manner is: great exposure, many buyers, and rapid completion of a sale in a matter of minutes once the gavel falls. The minus is the possibility of getting bids which are lower than the actual value, although most auctions offer a “no-sale” cut-off amount to protect a seller's investment.
  • Orderly Liquidation – This is basically a standard sale. Items are offered for purchase at a set amount and are not sold until that amount is offered. There could be some price haggling, but in general, such sales are either based on bidding nor display any kind of urgency. When the machine sells, it sells – whether that takes two days or two years. For machines that are hard to find, exceptionally priced, or have other desirable tracks, selling in this fashion may not be much of a problem; for other items, it could be nearly impossible to complete a sale in such a manner. The direct sale of heavy equipment can be affected by a number of things such as location, a buyer's ability to obtain financing, etc .; with the right advertising, it is possible to sell anything directly.
  • Sealed Bid – One last type of liquidation sale is through a sealed bid auction. With this type of transaction, merchandise offered for sale is available for inspection by interested buyers after which bids are individually accepted. It is a combination of an auction and straight sale, although bidders have no idea how much competitors have bid, which drives competition – and bids – upward. This generally only works for highlyought after items. In a marketplace with many of the same items, a sealed bid sale will get little attention.

While these different types of liquidation can be used by anyone, it is not the best choice for every selling situation. So it should be fairly easy to see why auctioning tend to be the best option for selling heavy and industrial equipment!

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Finance a Car the Smart Way

Few people can afford to pay for a car by simply writing a cash or paying cash, especially a brand new car. Even a few thousand dollars can be hard to come up with on the spot. This means you need to get a loan of some kind. Are you familiar with APR and 0% financing? Have you examined potential loan arrangements ahead of time? If not, then familiarize yourself with the negative and positive aspects of each institution that will gladly help you finance a car.

The reason they will be so glad is that this is how they make money, whether you are dealing with the automotive salesman, your bank, a private institution, or an online business. Going to your bank for a loan is probably the most sensible option to take. For one thing, they have a vested interest in keeping your business if you already hold accounts there. They are heavily regulated to protect customers. You probably have a business relationship with at least one individual here, thanks to your mortgage or commercial transactions. Perhaps you trust this individual and can work directly with him to secure your loan. In this case, he can discuss your potential car purchase with honesty, exposing anything that looks suspicious about the deal in his professional opinion.

It is not that car dealers are necessarily going to pull the wool over your eyes, but some deals sound better at first than they actually turn out to be. There is no lying implied, just a certain amount of sweet talking. A dealer is likely to try and have you sign a financing deal with him right there at the car lot. If he does, then you are going to feel pressured. You just want to drive off the lot with your brand new (or lightly used) vehicle, not sit around reading small print. The thing is you need to read that tiny printing and be aware of interest rates, penalties and any extra fees.

Some people will go with online financing companies, and this can be a highly convenient way to finance a car purchase if you have no credit history or your rating is poor. Take care, however, to establish the credentials of any financial institution. If the rates look too good to be true, they are probably unreliable. Whiche route you take has to be one you can live with for many months.

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10 Vicious Car-Buying Practices to Be Wary Of

Buying a new car can be tough. First of all, most buyers are near near being a vehicle or financial expert. Next, cars are cool, and it is way too easy for way too many of us to let our emotions drive us into making a decision that later becomes a regret. Finally, buying a car usually involves financing that includes years' worth of monthly payments.

Thankfully there are steps Buyers can take to help them safely and successfully navigate the treacherous waters of the new car lot. The first step is for consumers to educate themselves before heading for the dealerships. Forbes Magazine, a great educator of consumers, has recently released a list of the top 10 new-car buying risks to watch out for. To compile this list, Forbes harvested data and stories from the Better Business Bureau and

The top ten new-car buying dangers are:

10. Back-end add-ons such as rust proofing, fabric protection, credit life insurance and paint sealant are great ways for dealers to get more of a consumer's money.

9. The spot delivery scam is when buyers are allowed to go home with their vehicle before the sale is official, only to be later told that they have got to pay a larger down payment in order for their financing to be approved.

8. Negative equity scams are when dealers say that they will pay off a buyer's existing car loan and then fail to do so. Forbes simply says to “Never trust dealers who promise to pay off your existing car loan – no matter how much you owe on it.”

7. Finessed financing is the old bait-and-switch scam, only with financing. Dealers get hopeful buyers in the door with offers of 0% financing only to then tell the buyers that they do not qualify for the special finance offers.

6. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for contracts to contain mistakes. Even more unfortunate is the fact that some of these mistakes are not incidental. Buyers should always read and understand each and every word and charge contained within a contract.

5. Not getting the true value of a trade in is a common hazard. Buyers need to learn the real value of their current set of wheels before they discuss trading it in.

4. Getting enticed by low monthly payments is a great way to end up paying too much for a new car. It is just as important to look at overall cost of purchasing a new car as it is to looking at its monthly payment.

3. Dealers threaten that deals are only good for the day to keep consumers from shopping around and learning the true value of a vehicle. To stay out of this trap, buyers need to do their research before heading to the dealership.

2. Two or more window stickers are a sign that the dealer is looking to charge consumers for costly dealer-installed equipment and add-ons such as rust-proofing or fabric protection. As a general rule, buyers should only agree to pay what's on the main window sticker.

1. The real bait and switch has been used since man first put on plaid pants and white belts for one reason: it works. Consumers can fight back against the bait and switch by immediately leaving any dealership that will not honor its offers.

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Choosing Your Next Vehicle at a Used Military Vehicles Sale

When you are considering which off-road vehicle to buy next the chances are that you immediately hit the internet to browse the available stock from local auto dealers. After all these are the folks who specialize in retailing vehicles. Often buying through a dealer you get the chance to carefully look over the car you are going to buy before you actually part with your money. Also you usually get the chance to road test the car to make sure that it feels right to drive and you would be comfortable driving it. Sometimes it is also possible to buy a car that comes with a warranty and gives you the choice of upgrading it by extending the warranty for some extra money down. All in all buying an off-road vehicle from a dealer looks like a pretty good option.

Military surplus vehicle auctions provide you with a very different opportunity to purchase an off-road vehicle. Often people find that they can make significant savings over dealer prices when looking at military surplus vehicles for sale. Depending on the type of vehicle you are looking for it may be possible to source the same make and model vehicle at a military surplus vehicle auction as you would be able to find with a dealer. For example many military forces around the world use Land Rovers. It is possible to purchase these vehicles either at a dealer or at an army surplus vehicle auction. Of course there are other types of military vehicles, tanks for example, that you will definitely not find at regular dealers.

Assuming that you are searching for a vehicle that you could find in either a surplus auction or at a dealer why should you consider looking for military surplus vehicles for sale.

The primary reason is likely to be cost. When the military wants to shift stock on, whether that is clothing or vehicles, you can be confident that you will be in for an opportunity to grab a bargain. In this context getting a bargain does not simply mean that you will acquire a cheap vehicle- far from it in fact. What this means is that you will likely acquire a vehicle that is excellent value for money because the military have to maintain their vehicles to the highest standards, it may be possible to find the same vehicle for cheaper if you look for it in a private sale , although you are not likely to find such a well-maintained vehicle. However you are likely to find an off-road vehicle cheaper at a surplus auction than at a dealer because of the significantly reduced overheads such auction houses enjoy.

Maintenance record is there before the second reason why you would want to choose an army surplus vehicle over a normal off-road vehicle purchased from a dealer or by way of private sale. As you will appreciate, the military have to trust their lives to their equipment both in combat and in training situations. This applies as much to their vehicles as it does to their clothing and other equipment.

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Brief Guide For Car Buyers

Shopping for cars can be very challenging. There are many things you need to consider. Apart from the budget, you need to choose what type of car is ideal for you. Most people take this for granted. They can easily fall for new advertisements that they see on TV or magazines. To give you more ideas, here are some guidelines you can follow:

Choosing the best type for you
The first step is to know what type of car is best for you. Are you looking for a luxury type or an SUV? If money is not a major concern, you better check out Ford's new Lincoln MKZ. This luxury car is one of the hottest wheels today. It features high-powered engine and 275-volt battery pack. This new Lincoln MKZ can run full electric for two miles with a full charge, at a decent speed of 40-50 mph. It also features the push button shift gear selector that makes for a smooth, uncluttered center console. If you're looking for an executive car in perfect running condition, new Lincoln MKZ is your best bet.

Considering your needs
Now this could be tricky. There's a huge difference between the car you want and the one you need, but is it possible to get both? The answer usually depends on the buyer. A wise buyer should know how to get the ideal car for his or her needs. This is where you consider the size of the vehicle. If you love to travel with your family, the perfect choice is an SUV. One of the hottest today is the Lincoln navigator. It features an eight-way-power passenger seat, good enough to accommodate one family. It also features power transmission and engine. It can make your long travel more comfortable. If you are wondering about the price, you can search online and look for Lincoln Navigator for sale.

Look for more options
Most people get excited when looking for cars. They tend to forget some important things. They only realize something's wrong when they drive off their brand new car to their garage. Cars are very expensive, so you should always make a right decision. Take your time and look for more options. This will help you find the best car that will suit your needs. Be patient when looking for car dealers. If you're looking for Lincoln Navigator for sale, your safe bet is look for different car dealers and compare their prices. The easiest way to do this is to search online.

Brand new or second hand?
This should be easy. If you are on the budget, why not go for used cars? While it is always better to buy a brand new car, this does not mean you can never get a well-maintained used car. The only thing about used cars is you have to worry about repairs. When you go for brand new, you can drive your car with confidence. If you are a little tight on the budget, you can always look for more options.

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Three Key Things to Consider When Shopping For a Used Vehicle

Below are three things to help you avoid making a mistake. By taking a few simple precautions you can increase the chance of getting a good vehicle that will serve you well for years to come.

1. Vehicle history – Who owned the vehicle, and what did they use it for? Carfax will help with this, if you are buying from a private party make sure you run a Carfax before you go and see the car. A dealership should provide this free. This will give you vital information, was the car in an accident, was there flood damage, odometer issues. If there are any issue with a car on a Carfax, I would avoid the car. The only exception would be an accident report, that you have checked out by an authorized technician. If the vehicle was in a minor accident the vehicle may be fine. Otherwise steer clear of vehicles with lemon law buyback, flood damage, salvage titles, airbag deployment, or frame damage. Also consider the number of owners, this is not a necessarily a huge issue. It is nice if you find a vehicle 1 to 3 owners. When talking with the person selling the vehicle find out why they are selling the vehicle. Warning! if the story does not match what you found on the Carfax be careful.

2. Condition : Inquire about any issues the vehicle may have, often people will be surprisingly candid when it comes to their vehicle. When buying from a new car franchised dealer, cars will often cost a little more because of the inspection and reconditioning cost. For example, our dealership does a 115 point inspection on all used cars. We spend on average over 800 dollars reconditioning on used cars, that verses a private party or an independent lot, which will spend very little for reconditioning, usually a basic smog and safety. Look over the vehicle carefully look for any signs of rust or previous body damage. Check the tires, check all the lights and blinkers. When driving the vehicle check the brakes out, is there a shudder when you brake? Is there an audible screeching sound when you hit the brakes? Does the transmission shift smoothly, or is there a noticeable lag or hard shift. Does the engine make any unusual noises. Listen to the road noise, is the vehicle quiet or is there any kind of unusual sounds. If you have any concerns with the vehicle after you drive it, have a technician look at the vehicle. If you are at a new car dealership talk with the service department they are separate from the sales department and in most cases will give you an impartial.

If you are buying from an independent lot or private party take the vehicle in to get it looked at by a certified auto repair facility, what is best is if they specialize in the vehicle you are looking at. Example looking at a BMW take it to a European specialist.

3. Negotiation – Check on-line to see what comparable vehicles are selling for. Use this to give you an idea of ​​value. If there is one or 2 vehicles that are priced considerably less than the rest throw those out. If the price is too good to be true it almost always is. Ask what is the best price they will sell the vehicle for. When you feel they have given you there best numbers, trust your instinct. If you feel good about the purchase go ahead. If you have a concern let the seller know, see if it is something they can address. Keep in mind it is hard to find nice used vehicles and they do not last long. If you like the vehicle and the price is right go ahead. Good luck with shopping.

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Selling Cars on Finance – Increase Your Exposure With a Strong Web Presence

In these tough economic times you need to be doing everything you can as a dealer to reach out to new customers. By offering competitive deals for cars on finance and online access to your available stock you could maximize your business and get ahead of the crowd.

Online Services

A large number of people now turn to the Internet for their shopping needs. This includes buying used and new cars. If you want to stay competitive in the industry then you need to be able to connect with customers online and offer opportunities to find cars on finance. This will ensure you are opening your dealership up to the widest audiences possible and appealing new business into the future.

• Many businesses have now taken advantage of the benefits that websites can bring.

• Websites are available 24/7. This means even outside of your main opening hours you can be actively reaching out to customers and making sales.

• You will be able to list full details of your location, your stock and the cars on finance you can offer on your website at just the click of a button.

• Online access to your stock through your website will ensure as many people as possible know what you can offer.

• Many people will look at a dealer website to see what is available before they even consider visiting the actual showroom in person.

• This means your website can be the ideal place to attract new customers and get them interested in what you have to offer.

Online Car Loans

Applying for cars on finance is now easy with the modern technology. It makes sense to outsource online car loan application services to specialist companies. This will save you having to buy in and maintain the software yourself.

• There are a number of experienced motor insurance companies out there that can take care of cars on finance issues on your behalf.

• Top services can offer motoring databases that enable you to upload images and details of the cars you have for sale.

• These will then be listed against appropriate car loans that can be taken out by the customer if they need to finance their purchase.

• This creates a convenient and easy to use 'one stop' shop for those looking for new cars. They will be able to go to one website and find out what cars are available for their budget and requirements and also apply for cars on finance in one easy step.

• You will also be able to manage your online dealer offers quickly and easily using a secure log in account.

• Offering this level of convenient access to your potential and existing customers is a great way to stay ahead of your competitors and ensure your business continues to grow into the future.

• This is also a much easier way for you to manage your car sales and offer attractive car loans for your customers.

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A Guide to Buying a Craigslist Car

If you are looking for a cheap car, then you should consider buying a car from Craigslist. This site has a number of good quality cars for sale with reasonable prices. However, as the site is free it is also available to those who are looking to scam buyers or sell junk vehicles. Due to this, there are a few precautions that you must take when buying a Craigslist car.

1. Always be careful

Firstly, you should remember that you should not believe everything that a seller says. While the majority of people on Craigslist are honest, there are a small percentage of individuals who are willing to stretch the truth.

2. Deal locally

You need to understand that Craigslist is a service designed to connect local buyers with sellers. For example, if you live in Dallas you should click on the Texas section to find Craigslist Dallas cars. Buying a car from another state or country is not a good idea. In fact, Craigslist has warnings up about common scams that buyers may encounter. As a general rule of thumb, shipping cars is unnecessary. Many people feel that sellers who say they will ship a vehicle to the buyer are running a scam.

3. Determine value of the car

When you find a car that you are interested in, you will need to find out the estimated retail value of the vehicle to avoid paying an inflated price. Many factors are involved when it comes to determining the value of a car. Some of these factors are damage, repairs, mileage and the overall condition of the car. The best way to know these factors is by buying a Carfax report.

4. See the car in person before you make a purchase

You should ensure that you see the car in person before you make a purchase. The best way to do this is to set up a meeting with the seller via email. It is also important to take personal safety into consideration. Ideally, you will meet sellers in broad daylight. You may want to take along a friend that knows about common mechanical problems. This will help you spot any issues before you have committed to buying the car.

5. Take a test drive

Do not forget to take a test drive when you see the car. Try to drive the car on the city road and the highway. Make sure the engine and car features work well to avoid buying a lemon.

Buying a Craigslist car can be complicated. But if you follow the above tips, I am sure you can get an affordable and reliable car on the site.

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Funding Guidelines for Buying a Used Car

While getting a used car you can not only reserve countless numbers in depreciation, tax and manufacturer expenses, but also wind up investing more on your financing. As new car companies attract customers with 0% rates and no-money-down offers, it's difficult to find a better compliment when you're buying a used vehicle.

If you're planning to buy a used car, read on for some financing tips that will conserve your funds.

1. Shop Around for a Better Rate

If you need to obtain funding for your used car purchase, try shopping around for the best amount. While the store may often provide you a good financing option, you should check with your bank and other lenders to see if they can do better.

Other car financing options that may get you a better amount include a history of credit score, which can sometimes be as low as 5%, or simply provide a low-interest house value history of credit score mortgage from your bank.

A minor fall in the per month attention can reserve thousands – sometimes countless numbers – of money over the life of the mortgage, so this is a beneficial research.

2. Be Willing to Walk

If you're acquiring financing immediately through the used car store and you're not happy with the provided amount, often pleasantly move away from the hope. Most shops would have reduced their per month attention by a half factor or full factor than see a potential sale move through the quit entry – especially in challenging economic times like today when energy prices are so great and car sales are low.

Additionally, if you are able to delay until the end of per month to buy from a supplier, you may have some additional power with sellers who are under stress to satisfy a month or per month allowance.

3. Pay in Cash

The best way to reserve on financing contingitures is to prevent financing and credit score all together. If you can do it, pay in money.

Let's say you're getting a five-year-old Social for about $ 10,000 – that can be stored up in a season at an amount of about $ 833 per month or two decades at $ 416 per month. Rather than taking out a car mortgage, put that money in a very great interest-yielding account and you'll arrive at your objective even quicker.

4. Pay it Off Fast

If you can manage to do it, the quicker you pay off your car, the less you pay in attention and financing expenses. While it would be risky to expand your household budget too limited in an effort to pay off your auto, you should prevent long-term financing that pulls on for four or five decades.

5. Remortgage down the Road

Let's say you need a new used car this season but you've just put money in the house, sometimes had a baby, had a dip in your credit score and money is limited. Well, you may take a higher per month attention now, but in a season – once things improve – you should examine the possibilities of re-financing that mortgage with another bank that can provide you a reduced per month attention.

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Ways To Find The Best Deals On A Car

What is the first thing you do when in the market shopping for a car? Do you (A) hop in your car and go to your nearest auto dealer or do you (B) go online and search through Autotrader's vast selection of vehicles? Let me inform you that nowdays there are number of things readily at your disposal for you to access in order to get the best deal today.

Allow me to introduce to you the idea of ​​a public auction. It is a great place to consider if you have enough cash and do not want to be burdened with a contract and finance. On the other hand if you do not have the cash to buy the car of your dreams outright and your credit is decent enough to get financing you can always get preapproved with companies like Road Loans and etc. If you go online and conduct a detailed search you can find your local public auction near to you in the state you live in. There are no long forms to fill out so just be prepared to buy and drive off with your vehicle.

A more traditional method that has been around for quite some time now is your local newspaper in the classified section. Yes this method still does exist. You would be surprised how many dealers are perusing the classifieds to sell you a car they purchased from and elderly. You will find great deals on cars from individuals that have had a death in the family, recently been laid off or just can not afford to make another payment on their car.

Another location you may want to consider is your local rental facility. Not too many people know this but it has been growing in popularity in recent years. They always replenish their cars after the first year of use or if the vehicle has reached its mileage capacity. They offer great deals on used vehicles that are reliable. As an added bonus you can rent the car and test-drive it for a week before you decide to purchase.

I have always had success online through terms like eBay and Craigslist. I am speaking from experience because I conduct business on both ends of transactions. Competition is tough so you are guaranteed a deal. As with any big ticket purchase take precaution and be sure to do a history check on the vehicle you are interested in with services like Experian Autocheck or CarFax.

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Used Cars for Sale – Why Car Dealers Are the Best Choice

New motorcars are much more desirable for drivers, but the cost of new autos is so high, many drivers can not bring themselves to spend that much. With petro at its current price, it is almost a prerequisite to find some way to lower driving expenses. If new cars are not an option, the next choice is looking for used cars for sale or using public transportation.

Used cars for sale can be found everywhere. They are on internet boards, Facebook, in the papers, on the telly, and several other locations. People who have owned an automobile have typically undertaken to sell one, so most people at some point end up on both sides of an auto transaction.

Because an auto, used or new, still costs hard-earned money, you want to get the best value you possibly can when considering used cars for sale. Not every source supports your best interests. For this reason, the first place to search for used cars is through a car dealer.

Why Consider a Dealership for Used Cars for Sale

Car dealers irreparably get a bad rep many times because a secondhand vehicle does not perform as well as the buyer expects, but there are several reasons why a dealer is the place for used cars for sale. Consider the following:

1. Car dealers have many connections for locating the used vehicle you want. Even if they do not have the make or style you are looking for, they can quickly run a search of the area and tell you what is available.

2. Pricing is in line with the market value of the car you want. You may think that you are getting a deal through the friend of a friend, but there is a good chance there is something wrong with a vehicle that is far below fair market value.

3. Most car dealers stand behind what they sell. You may not get an extended warranty on a used car, but most dealers will offer some service period when a vehicle is covered. Most dealers fully check out autos and make any necessary repairs before putting them up for sale. Try to get your money back from someone you do not know, and you will see why a dealer is a better option.

4. Often, dealers have the best prices. After all, selling cars is what they do. You can negotiate when purchasing a used car and a dealer knows what the lowest reasonable price is before you offer. Even though dealers are in the business to make money, they also know that they must turn over used cars timely.

You might get lucky going another route for a used car purchase, but why chance a bad experience if you do not have to? You will most always save yourself some time and headaches if you go through a car dealer when looking for used cars for sale.

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Accident Damaged Cars: A Solid Investment for Car Traders

Most consumers are still feeling the impact of the financial crisis. This is probably the best explanation for the fact that the used car market is more popular than ever. Consumers have learned that buying a young secondhand car can save them a lot of money. And in there certain times, saving money has become a priority.

But it seems to me that used car traders have not necessarily realized all the potential of their own market. While on the hunt for used cars to sell, European car traders are mostly looking for vehicles that are in the best possible condition. And they fail to see the potential that comes with trading accident damaged cars.

Why sell accident cars?

Why should car dealers and traders invest in cars damaged by an accident? The answer is simple: to save money. Of course, not just any old wreck will do. You have to be smart about it.

Find a good supplier of damaged cars

First you have to find a good supplier. Buying cars from consumers will limit your margin right from the start. Instead, choose a platform in a business to business environment. There you can find a number of accident car auctions every week. The offer usually consist of ex-leasing vehicles, stock cars and former rental cars.

Choose the right accident damaged vehicles

Like I said: not any old wreck will do. If you want to sell the original vehicle, you should choose a car with minor defects that can easily be fixed.

The goal is to save more money on buying the car, than what you spend to fix it. You can also use one of these accident vehicle auctions to scout for parts. Wrecks are often sold at bottom prices, and the parts you need could still be intact. This again gives you the opportunity to save money on expensive new parts.

Local regulations on accident damaged car sales

If you trade cars internationally, please keep in mind that local regulations may differ from your own. In Germany, for example, there are strict regulations with regards to selling accident damaged vehicles.

According to German law, a seller is obliged to notify interested buyers that a vehicle was previously involved in an accident. Furthermore, the damage has to be noted in the purchase agreement. But what is considered to be an accident vehicle?

German law states that 'every event that has unwittingly caused permanent damage through a violent impact qualifies as an accident. This also includes broken side windows or dents caused by thick hail. While minimal body damage, paint damage or minor damages stop a vehicle being accident-free, it does not mean the vehicle will be declared an accident car '.

To my knowledge, (most) other European countries do not have such intricate regulations for accident damaged cars . However, I do advise you to always check in advance.

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Advice on Getting a Car Loan With Bad Credit – Bank Approved

In today's world, credit is a very important thing to have. But it's very easy to stack up lots of debt and end up in a not-so-good situation. There are many people out there in the world who have no credit, or worse, bad credit. And if you're looking to make a big-ticket purchase, like a house or a car, having poor credit can present some problems. But this is not the end of it. There are many companies and organizations that can help you secure a loan for a car with adverse credit or no credit. Even if you've filed for bankruptcy, there's still hope.

A large percentage of the websites out there that offer you bad credit car loans simply act as middlemen, taking your information and passing it onto a third party loan company that can fulfill your request. These companies are not actually in a position to approve or deny your request for a bad credit loan. They simply send off the information that you provide to another company to handle the approval process. There's also the chance that you will simply end up receiving junk mail and phone calls from telemarketers who have acquainted your information as well. You can also always go directly to a dealership to get a bad credit loan for a car, but you will likely be paying a high interest rate. You may also not be eligible to buy the car that you really wanted, since your options will likely be limited. The advantage of this is that you deal directly with a real company that deals with car loans all day.

There are also companies out there, however, that work closely with banks to provide bad credit car loans at reasonable rates and terms. These online bad credit loan firms have special relationships with banks and credit unions because of the sheer amount of loans they process. These poor car loan companies may be a good option for you to consider when purchasing a new or used car. They can work with you to find the best solution possible for your situation.

However, it's important that you're diligent during this whole process. Do not ever think that anyone is out solely for your best interest. At the end of the day, these companies are driven by profit. So be sure that you are able to afford the loan you're signing up for. Budget out the expenses you'll incur including car loan payments, insurance, gas and occasional repair and maintenance before agreeing to anything. Too often, people only account for the actual adverse credit car loan payments that they'll need to make and forget about the added expenses involved with maintaining a vehicle.

It's also important to realize that buying a car with a bad credit car loan can actually be beneficial to your individual situation. Not only do you get a new car for yourself, but you can help to repair and rebuild your credit rating. Be sure to make all your bad credit car loan payments on time and to not default on the loan. This will go a long way in getting your credit score back to where it should be.

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Steps for Buying a Used Car

When looking to purchase a used car, you should always obtain a VIN (vehicle identification number) number so that you will be able to find out the history and ownership of the car. One thing that is especially important is whether or not the vehicle has been involved in an accident or if there might be possible liens against the car. Usually, though not always, liens have been paid-off by the owner of the car dealership. Next you will need to run the VIN number for a check of its history.

It's important to know the history of a used car and to know that there are no problems that might occur later. If the car has been wrecked and repaired, there can be multiple problems with the vehicle among them, a bent frame which will cause severe misalignment and the tires to wear out more-quickly.

Some used car dealerships have an in-house finance option, and you will be able to get a loan through them. This can be important because if you can not get advanced elsewhere, there are alternatives available that make purchasing less-expensive and will have a better finance agreement.

Another problem for many car buyers in today's market is bad credit. If you have had a car reposed or have bad credit due to circumances beyond your control, this can make obtaining a loan very difficult. If you've had to file for bankruptcy, there can be even more problems involving the purchase of the vehicle. All these things add up to problems; however, there are solutions.

When you've found the right car and are ready to purchase, make sure the lending agency you choose has a good-working agreement with your local credit union or bank. You will need someone who can make you the best interest-rate offer and is able to do business locally in your area. Make sure you have followed the steps and are certain that you have the car that will best suit you and your family. Have all your information ready so that you can give the right information to the person you're dealing with, and be sure that you have checked to find out about extended warranties and any charges that will apply to that end of the purchase.

If you will be paying the insurance through the loan, you need to have that information in front of you, as well. Buying a used car does not mean settling, it means that you're buying a vehicle that will fit your budget and circumstances.

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