The Ins and Outs of Car Dealer Quoting Systems

Almost everyone agreements that sitting in a car dealership listening to sales pitches and haggling with salespeople is probably the worst part of buying a new car – an event that otherwise might be fun and exciting. But services such the price quote feature on many manufacturers' websites can help make the car buying process less stressful for consumers. These services allow buyers to choose the exact car they are looking for and receive a price quote from internet sales teams at dealerships.

In-Store versus Internet Pricing

Because internet sales departments make money on volume, they usually offer lower pricing than the in-store sales team. Dealing with the internet sales team also allows the buyer to communicate with the salesperson by whatever means they choose: email, phone or text message. While some dealership treat internet price quote requests as just another sales lead and try to pressure the buyer to come to the lot and look around, many dealerships have recognized the value of internet selling and take a different approach.

What to Expect When Requesting a Quote

Internet shopping allows buyers to find the car they want without spending hours driving around to different lots and dealing with a barrage of sales pitches. This not only speeds up the customer's purchase, but it also can streamline the dealer's sales allowing them to increase volume. Internet selling is very competitive, so you should expect a fast follow-up from the dealership after you send your inquiry. A good internet sales manager will work hard to respect the customer's wishes to communicate by whatever means they prefer. They also realize that most internet customers have done research and are very familiar with the features and specifications of the models that they are considering.

Tricks for Optimizing The Car Quoting Process

In order to get a price request using a dealer quote system without being hassled by salespeople, consider using a temporary email address through a free provider to contact dealers. You may also consider providing a cell phone rather than your home phone number, which will allow you to just ignore calls from dealers, if you wish, by putting the phone on vibrate. Calls will then go straight to voicemail, allowing you to listen to them at your discretion. You can also set your contact preference to “E-mail anytime,” which can help reduce the number of calls you receive from dealers. You should also be specific with your request if you have a precise vehicle in mind. In the “Additional Comments” box you should list the make, model, year, trim, color, and any other preferred specifics of the vehicle you are seeking. You can also explicitly ask if the car is available on the lot and the price.

Assessing The Dealer at the Time of Contact

When you begin receiving responses, not only will the price and availability of vehicles be of interest to you, but you may also wish to pay attention to the professionalism and courtesy of the dealer. If the dealer response is evasive or pressuring, you can reply to that dealer and tell them that you already know you want the vehicle and that you are shopping around for the best price. Used in this way, a dealer quote system can be used to help you find the best price for your vehicle, without having to spend a lot of time shopping from dealership to dealership, being hassled by salespeople. It can allow you, the consumer, to be more discriminating and to get the exact sales experience and car you want.

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Explore Your Options When You Shop for Used Cars

As a consumer who likes to purchase used cars, it is only fitting that you take some precautionary steps to help you find the best quality vehicles. Since there are hundreds of thousands of pre-owned vehicles in the market, you need to make sure that you do not end up with a lemon. Who wants to go around bragging to their friends about a vehicle they bought that looks great, but runs like garbage. If you do not want to embarrass yourself and end up wasting your hard earned money, then you need to approach the car shopping process with caution.

It is understandable that you are eager to ride around in a vehicle, but that does not mean that you have to purchase the very first ones that you come across. You need to look at many different used cars, and any that interests you should be inspected by a mechanic. You need to understand that car dealers are in the business to sell their products. While some go about this task in a misleading way that can lead to many unhappy customers. Others tend to put a little more effort into making their vehicles more appealing.

Keep in mind that each dealer carries a different inventory of used cars. Some of these establishments update their inventory regularly online and others do not. The best way to see the latest offering of vehicles at any dealership is to visit them in person. That way if they have received new shipments and had not gotten around to listing them, you can be one of the first to look at it and quite possibly purchase it before anyone else does. Take a friend and a mechanic with you when you go vehicle shopping. In addition to having he mechanic inspect any used cars you are interested in, you can also get an honest opinion about how well you look in any given vehicle.

Before you make any commitments, do not be afraid to look at the inventory from several different lots first. You never know when you may see the vehicle you want being offered for a more attractive price than it was at another dealership. Even if you do not plan on financing anything, do not hesitate to explore that option. You may find that financing allows you to get a vehicle that is more suited for what you need it for. Financing can also make it possible for you to keep some money in your pocket and break up the total purchase of your intended vehicle over the course of monthly payments. When it comes to used cars, you have more options to choose from. You are not limited to what vehicles were manufactured in the last few years. You can choose from a much larger time frame, including some of the pre-owned vehicles that were produced in recent years. Take your time and do not rush. Once you find the perfect vehicle, you will know and be able to make it yours.

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The Benefits of Used Commercial Vans for Your Business

Many business owners depend upon their vehicle in order to help them to make money and to do the traveling that is necessary for the operation of their day-to-day business. There are also times when a fleet of vehicles is going to be necessary in order to keep the business up and running. Regardless of whether you are looking for one vehicle or multiple vehicles, it's important for you to understand what to look for in order to be happy with your choice. After all, choosing the right vehicle is going to make a difference in your ability to be successful.

One thing that you would want to consider is the possibility of purchasing something that is used instead of purchasing a new vehicle. For example, used cargo vans and used step vans can cost a lot less than if you were to purchase something that was new. Not only are you going to see the price difference immediately but if you decide to purchase a new vehicle, it is going to lose a lot of value as soon as you drive it off of the lot. In addition, that new car smell that many people enjoy is actually poisonous gas that is being discharged by the interior and it is unhealthy for you to be breathing it. All in all, a used vehicle is going to be the best choice for you.

If you're going to be purchasing a used vehicle as I recommended, it's also important for you to understand the quality of the vehicle that you are buying. If you are not familiar with how to choose a quality used vehicle, hire a mechanic or take along a friend that is familiar with how to choose a quality vehicle. It may also benefit you if you look at the maintenance record of the vehicle to see if the oil was changed regularly and if any other routine maintenance was done on schedule. Finally, check the vehicle from the front to the back for any rust problems because that can really become an issue very quickly.

It is also a good idea for you to consider the many different options that are available if you are purchasing a used cargo or step van. Although many of the vehicles may carry the same general name, there may be some significant differences in the ways they are designed and the amount of cargo that they are able to hold. The Internet is a wealth of information when choosing this type of vehicle and you can find specifics on almost any van that you could possibly imagine. By doing a little bit of research in advance, you will be sure to make a choice that is going to be right for you.

When you make a wise choice in your vehicle or fleet of vehicles, you will find that your business is up and running on a routine basis. Since you're not worried about the vehicles that run your business, it gives you the opportunity to run your business in other ways.

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Save Money by Shopping for Used Cars

It does not matter when you decide to purchase a vehicle. As long as you are willing to invest some time to find the right one, then your dreams of being a happy owner can become true. It is so easy to become enticed to purchase a new ride based off of the commercials you see on television. While those commercials may be what finally motivate you to get in gear and start searching, you do not necessarily have to spend all of that money. There are plenty of reliable and attractive used cars available for you to choose from.

Since the economy is still uncertain for many people, you may not be ready to take on the responsibility of having a large car note. Do not let your fear of having another financial responsibility deter you from getting the best ride possible. There are many dealers that sell newer model used cars and will give you the opportunity to finance them. Since these vehicles have been owned before, they are not as expensive as the later model vehicles. This means that you can still get a good deal and a more affordable vehicle that fits within your budget.

One of the biggest misconceptions about used cars is that they are too old and mechanically unsound. While that may be true about some of the vehicles, there are a large number of them that look and function as if they are new. No matter where you decide to go for your ride, save yourself some trouble and get peace of mind by taking a mechanic along with you. If you can not get a mechanic to come car shopping with you, do not hesitate to take your vehicle into an auto repair shop and have them run diagnostics to tell you if the vehicle you have chosen so far is any good.

While this may seem like a lot to do, keep in mind that it is to your benefit to thoroughly inspect any vehicle you are interested in. Since you are not looking at a new vehicle, you need to make sure that you are investing your money wisely. Although there are a ton of dealers that fix the used cars that they get before they sell them, you need to make sure that you feel completely confident about the vehicle you want to purchase before you sign any paperwork.

Do not let the term used cars deter you from getting a really great ride for a great price. Explore your options and visit several dealers before you make a final decision. Keep in mind that many dealers are willing to work with you if you see a vehicle that is priced a little above the budget you have set in place. Some places will knock a few hundred off of the price; others may allow you to pay the remaining balance off with a payment plan. Do not let your financial situation prevent you from getting a nice set of wheels to drive around in.

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Ways of Finding a Vehicle That Caters For Your Needs

Cars can be reduced to junk when they are involved in an accident. Here, they are typically sold as scrap to scrap metal dealers. Neverheless, when the decision has been made to purchase a car, one has to make the decision between purchasing new vehicles and buying pre-owned cars. Often, a new vehicle is not affordable. In case you know the factors to consider when purchasing a vehicle, you will be in a position to find a vehicle that caters for your needs and fits your budget.

Check the vehicle's interior

Although a used vehicle may not look as perfect as brand new car, it is important to ensure the vehicle looks good in the interior. Consider any serious damage such as holes in the vehicle's floor or torn seats. Ensure there are no stains or odors that you can not live with.

· Examine the vehicle's body

Tapping light of the vehicle will help you ascertain whether the vehicle has been involved in an accident lavely and has received repairs. A vehicle that has received repairs sounds like it is padded. Although there is nothing wrong with body works, the problem arises when there is too much of it. This could be an indication of a more serious accident. Therefore, there could be more than meets the eyes.

· Check for leaks

In order to determine whether a vehicle is in its right condition considering checking the floor of the car for any coolant or oil leaks. Consider lifting the hood to check for possible signs of leaking, like oil on the car engine. Also consider checking for oil and fluids the vehicle's radiator. In case it is low this could be a good indication of possible leakage.

· Hire the services of a mechanic

Before paying cash for cars for a vehicle, it is important to hire the services of a qualified mechanic for purposes of checking the car. The mechanic should accompany you to verify the condition of the vehicle. They can accompany you when testing the vehicle. The mechanic will be in a position to inform you if the vehicle is mechanically sound. They will also advise you whether you will need to invest more money to perform repairs once you purchased the vehicle.

· Test drive the car

It is very important to consider taking the vehicle for a test drive. Drive the vehicle for a reasonable time, long enough until the engine warms up. This will help you determine if the vehicle's engine knocks. Consider listening for possible strange noises. Pay close attention to how the suspension and steering feel. Consider whether the cars transmission transmissions smoothly.

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Saving Cash by Purchasing Pre-Owned Cars

With an economy that is slowing down, many people are looking for ways of saving cash. In order to make sure buyers are making cash for cars, many of the people are choosing second hand cars. Many of the drivers seeking for an opportunity to buy vehicles are foregoing the dealership lots. Instead, they are seeking for pre-owned bargains. The factors to take into consideration when purchasing a used vehicle include:

· Short list the candidates

Considering that time is limited you may wish to avoid chasing after every model that fits remotely the type of vehicle you are looking for. It is important to construct a list of possible candidates. The list should feature 3 to 4 vehicles to have an option just in case the top choice is available for sale at a price that you can not afford. Therefore, you will be in a position to find good deals from used car lots or private parties. Most of the buyers choose to deal with the private parties because their prices are lower. Furthermore they are easier to negotiate and they offer higher levels of trust.

· Perform a test drive

From the short listed vehicles consider test driving the vehicle. If a vehicle has not passed the initial criteria there is no reason to consider test driving it because doing so is likely to cloud your judgment; when test driving it is important to consider the convenience and comfort of the vehicle. Determine the leg room, headroom and ease with which you drive the vehicle. Also consider determining the vehicle's handling- consider the ability to take turns, stop and accelerate.

· Hire the services of a mechanic

Unless you are purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle, it is advisable to have a good mechanic take a look at the vehicle before buying it; this will ensure junk car removal. The mechanic will be in a position to place the automobile on lifts. The mechanic will also be in a position to inspect the vehicle's underside for leaks. He will also be able to perform a compression check to identify signs of wear and tear. The mechanic will also check for signs of possible damage.

· Negotiating prices

Once you have had the opportunity to test drive the preferred car and have received the mechanisms qualification, what follows is the opportunity of negotiating the price. It is advised to have knowledge of the value of the car for purposes of setting a price ceiling before engaging in any forms of negotiation. This way, you will be able to walk away in case the seller is not willing to lower the vehicle's price.

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Protecting Polished Aluminum Wheels – Some Tips

The polished rims of brand new aluminum wheels look really well. However, this polished look starts to wear off soon after the wheels are being used. The wheels can no longer retain their mint condition once they are subjected to the harshness of the atmosphere. Oxidation is a common problem in aluminum wheels. Things like muck, grime and road chemicals get attached to the wheels on a day to day basis. The aluminum surface gets affected by this, and after the protective coat wears out, the rims get stained. Impurities easily pass into the poriferous metal. If you leave the wheels in such condition, it will cause surface deformities and pitting.

If you want to bring back shine in the aluminum wheels , you would need to apply some vigorous polishing techniques. If you are determined to protect the rims to bring their luster back, all you would need are a few products and some spare time. If you do not know how to go about it, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Step 1: First and foremost you would need to lift the vehicle up and off the ground. For that you can use a regular jack or a floor jack. You would need to place the jack stands under the frame of your car. Make sure you have enough space for removing the tires. Remove each tire with a lug wrench and keep them away.

Step 2: Set the wheels on the floor with their faces upwards. It is better to focus on one wheel at a time. You would need to wear the protective rubber gloves for this job. Get a 2 inch wide paint brush and dip it into a full-strength paint remover. This way you will be able to remove the clear coat that exist on the rim. After being in use from sometime, the coat from the rim often gets chipped, peeled, or faded. Using the paint remover, you can clean the rim off of the clear coat.

You would need to apply a generous amount of paint remover and once you are done coating the wheel, let it sit for at least 15 minutes. It would start bubbling, eroding the clear coat off the wheel. If you still find patches of clear coat on the rim, apply another coat of remover to get it off.

While cleaning the rim off of the old clear coat, you can use steel wool. A good scrub on the rim's surface will certainly get the coat out within a few minutes. Make sure to change the wool if it loads up. You may not be able to clean the rim at one go, and it may take a few wool pads, but you will get satisfactory results once done.

Step 3: Once you are done scrubbing the old coat off the rim, you would need to apply a brass-metal polish. Coat the surface of the rim with the polish till it gets back its shine. You can use as many applications as you need to get the job done.

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Women, Don’t Be Afraid To Purchase A Vehicle By Yourself

I've been selling vehicles for over 3 years and I strive to deliver Truly Exceptional Customer Service to every customer I come into contact with.

I hope that this information will not offend anyone. I hope this information will empower and equip women with confidence and boldness to go into any dealership trusting in their own independent decision to buy a vehicle without the dependency of someone else's approval.

My advice to the women who are afraid to buy a vehicle by yourself please stop giving your power away to non significant others. There's no reason for you to be afraid to walk into a dealership by yourself. Knowledge is power, equip yourself with information about your vehicle of interest whether new or pre-owned off the internet or give me a call before your appointment or walk in arrival.

Bringing someone along to call all the shots on a vehicle that they are not knowledgeable about and are not purchasing and you will be making all the payments on I just do not understand. Please think about that and ask your self why do women do that?

If you have a question's do not be afraid to ask, that's what the Sales Consultant is there for. Allow the Sales Consultant to do their job to help you with your next vehicle purchase. Provide the Sales Consultant with information like what's the most important thing you are looking for in your new vehicle. If your looking for a new or pre-owned. What color you would absolutely not consider. What equipment you absolutely need the vehicle equipped with. If the banks should require how much you are planning on putting down on your investment.

When you go outside and select the vehicle off the lot that you would be interested in purchasing, the Sales Consultant should do a full demonstration on the vehicle from the hood to the rear bumper and point out important things that you need to know about the vehicle and then you take if for a test drive. Ask about the warranty and safety ratings, how often the oil needs to change and when is the 1st major maintenance on the vehicle.

If you have a vehicle you would like to sell bring your title and registration, if you are trading in a vehicle with a balance owed to the bank you need to have the banks number available for the Sales Consultant to call and get a 10 day payoff and you will also need your registration. I love going to you can get an online appraisal to get an idea of ​​what the trade evaluation amount maybe which is good for 72 hours just remember to bring your print out to the dealership and give it to the Sales Consultant.

If you are purchasing a new vehicle you can find out online what kind of incentives are offered and how long those incentives are available, the incentives do change every month. There are incentives for military, college students / grades and VPP you can use one or the other but not both, example: you have been out of college for 1 yr and are now in the military you can not use both.

Be preparing purchasing new or pre-owned, have your driver's license and auto insurance card, if you do not have auto insurance no worries you can get auto insurance after you agree to buy the vehicle. Incase the banks should ask for proof of income, you will need your most recent 30 days of pay stubs and if you self-employed you will need most recent 90 days of bank statements and current tax return, if you are a contractor bring your 1099 You may also need to bring proof of residence current utility bill, phone or cable bill that is not past due.

About the pre-owned cars always ask for a Carfax or Autocheck. Ladies it's not the Sales Consultant or Dealership's responsibility to offer you one, it is your responsibility to ask for one.

We as women get excited and sometimes emotional when we make major purchases just make sure in all the excitement that your salesperson gives you a full demonstration on the pre-owned vehicle from hood to the rear bumper. Roll down all the window's to make sure they work properly, get involved and make sure everything is functional to your satisfaction. Remember when looking at a pre-owned vehicles some of them are flawless and other's are not but they are priced to sell with or without flaws that they market will bear.

If you set a monthly budget for yourself please keep in mind what you absolutely need and not what you absolutely want without you are flexible on paying for the extra wants. In my opinion any other options that are more than power windows & locks, radio & CD are wants not needs. When they first started designing cars the ingenious simplicity was born out of a need to travel in a rapid speed with reliability.

I hope this information was very helpful take care and have a fantastic time shopping for your next vehicle.

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Selling Used Cars

The automobile is one of the most important machines developed for the modern civilization. Taking people to places in a quick, convenient, and secure way, these machines can be found just about anywhere. Of course, there would be times when an owner, for one reason or another, makes a decision to sell his / her car. With so many people willing to buy a car, it may seem like letting go of a vehicle is very easy. But there's actually a right way of selling used cars. These tips will ensure that you sell your car for maximum profit and minimum hassle.

1. Check the market for your car- Specific cars hold specific value for different motorists. Market value can be affected by different factors such as the model's track record and its sheer desirability. If you are not sure sure how much your car will fetch on the open market, check out how these cars are priced historically and how much do they cost now. These pricing trends can give you an idea how much value your car can potentially fetch.

2. Evaluate the condition of your ride- The price your car will fetch does not only depend on what model it is but it also depends on what state your car is into. If your car is running pretty well with only minimal defects or errors, you can expect to get a good profit for it. If your car is in a horrible state or is disabled, you'll be lucky to sell it for something that even approaches market value. But if you're selling a car in perfect condition, you can potentially make a killing on the marketplace.

3. Get your car in good shape- If you are capable of doing it and if you have the time and money to get it done, it's best to get your car in great or at least respectable shape. Sure, it may cause you to shell out some cash as an investment, but the returns of having a presentable ride during the sale can be potentially huge. Prep your car properly and you'll never regret it.

4. Advertise- To get your car sold, you must get the attention of potential buyers. And the main way to do it is to advertise. A simple “for sale” tag on your car is sure to get the attention of interested onlookers. You can also post your car at classified ads, both in print and online forms. When posting an ad, make sure to add as many photos and details as possible. You can also try some creative means to get buyers' attention towards your car such as exhibition videos.

5. Seal the deal- This is the part that some sellers fail to execute. When introducing a car to a potential buyer, make sure to put your best foot forward. Also, be open for negotiations, but steer clear from those trying to lowball you. Establishing rapport and making the buyer want the car more will also help your chances. Once the buyer bites, seal the deal, and both of you will walk away happy.

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Why Not Get Quick Cash for That Old Car?

That old car that is collecting dust and cobwebs in your garage, or sitting in your driveway collecting dirty looks from your neighbors can be turned into cash that you can use for a vacation, to pay off some bills, or any of a number of other uses. The car you no longer need or use can be sold quickly in order to make room in your garage for the other cars your family owns, or to make room on your driveway and put you back in your neighbors' good books.

It may seem like more of a hassle to sell your car these days than the cash you get back is worth, if you were to list your car in the newspaper or leave a “For Sale” sign in the window or on the dash. Not very many people may drive by your yard to see the sign, or read the “For Sale” section in newspapers anymore. Your best bet these days to sell your car quickly is to take advantage of the Internet and list your car on the many sites set up for just this purpose.

General “For Sale” listings can often feature varied items such as fridges for sale, apartments for rent, or even puppies to give away. You will want to seek out specific Automotive sale websites to ensure that your car can be viewed right away by people who are interested in purchasing an automobile, rather than random browsers who may be looking for a used stove. You will reach your target audience much quicker this way, and you will sell your car much faster, getting the cash in your hand.

You will find also that putting a picture of your car in your advertisement is a very good way to attract buyers to your automobile. Those people browsing cars for sale will appreciate being able to see the make, model, and condition of your car right away. If the picture of the car catches their eye right away, they are more likely to check out the details of your car in the written section of your ad. A good picture of your car will draw people's attention and get them to look twice at your ad. Make sure to include a clear picture of the entire car for the ad that you post on the Internet.

Another tip is to make sure you are getting the right value for your car. Consider the condition, age, mileage, and resale value of the car when you are setting a price. Be willing to negotiate a little as well. People are a little happier to buy when they think they have gotten the price down on you a little bit. Make sure you ask a fair price, by looking up the price in the Black Book, or talking to a used car dealership to find the valuation. You can ask a little higher than that, and then be ready to negotiate.

Good luck in selling your used car!

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Nearly New Cars: Why Buy Nearly New?

Buying a near new car could save you money, giving you all the benefits of a new car but without the new car price tag. Many do not realize that it is possible to buy near new cars at a lesser cost than that of a new model, but it is becoming increasingly common. Buying a car this way makes great sense, as you can be safe in the knowledge that you are driving away a quality car that is also great value for money.

Most near new cars are ex-demo or pre-reg cars and, as a result, they have been very well looked after and most are as new. Of course, finding near new cars is not as easy as finding older ones and you are not able to add extras to your specifications, but, by checking dealership websites it is easy to find the car you're looking for.

So, why would you opt for a near new car as opposed to a new or used model?

Ultimately, a near new car could save you money over a new model. The car might not even be a few months old, but because it's not classed as new you can save yourself a lot of money and you are not necessarily limited to a few cars either, you could potentially get any model you wanted if you know where to look.

Often, the downside of purchasing a used car is not being within the car manufacturer's warranty and therefore the regular added cost of maintenance and replacement of parts makes it more expensive to run. However, near new cars have very low mileage, and will keep the reminder of the manufacturer's warranty. So, if the car is two months old and had a five year warranty you will still have four years and ten months remaining which gives you greater amount of mind than if you had opted instead for a used car.

Buying a new car is a big decision but with your choices bolstered by the option to purchase a car that has all of the benefits of a new car with a much smaller price tag, it's a fantastic dilemma to have. Whilst buying a new car has the plus of being able to add optional extras and building a car to your exact specification, it also means that you're gradually building up the cost at the same time. With a near new car you can often find a car with the same additional extras, but for no extra cost. Meaning not only are you getting an almost brand new car for a fraction of the cost of a new model, you are also getting the optional extras you would otherwise have paid for, for free.

You can get great finance deals on nearly new cars as many dealers are willing to tailor a payment plan to suit your individual needs, so whether you're paying for the car outright or you are wanting to spread the cost you will be able to get the right deal to suit your pocket. You could also get a generous part exchange valuation on your current car, regardless of whether it's a car you've had for a while or even a car you are still paying for.

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How Is My Credit Status Decided?

People have become increasingly dependent on loans for Car Finance, Mortgages or other reasons. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand personal credit reports and your rating / score. There are three credit reference agencies (in the UK) in total who hold a profile for you; These are Equifax PLC, CallCredit and Experian.

When you make an application for a loan, car finance or mortgage, the lender will use your credit score to make a quick yes / no decision. This same decision can also be made by simply viewing your credit report, the reason they will look at your score is to make the decision making easier and less subjective.

There are many factors that are taken into consideration by the underwriters before granting the customer with a final decision. The calculation is broken down in to five major categories with different levels of importance. These categories are payment history, amount owed, Length of credit history, new credit and type of credit used. No one area or incident determinates your score; all of these categories are taken into account.

The largest component is the payment history category as this reviews how well you have met your prior obligations. It also looks for problems in your payment history for example Bankruptcy, collections and delinquency. They will look at the size of these problems, how long it took for the problems to be resolved and the length of time since the problems appeared. The more problems you have had the weaker credit score will be.

The second factor is the amount that you owe currently to lenders. This category focuses on how much debt you are currently in, but also looks at the number of accounts that you hold along with what specific types of accounts they are. This area is focused on your present financial situation. If you have a large amount of debt from different sources this will have an adverse effect on your credit score.

All of the other categories (length of credit history, new credit and type of credit used) are fairly straightforward. The longer you have had a good credit history for, the better. For example, a customer who had never missed a payment over the last fifteen years would be safer than one who had been on time with their payments for the last two years. Also, if you apply for credit a lot the lender may get the impression that you are under some sort of financial pressure that is causing you to do this, therefore every time you apply for credit your score gets decreed slightly. As well as this they would find a person less risky if they had one credit card rather than a person who had ten credit cards, the more credit cards you own the lower your credit score will be.

There are different types of lenders, prime and sub prime. This means that if you have bad credit there is still a chance for you to obtain finance. Prime lenders focus on top grade credit scores while Sub prime lenders on the other hand will look at people with not so good scores, but as a result of them having a bad credit rating they will be offered high rates as it is 'risky' to lend to these sizes of customers. Although the sub prime lenders grant finance to customers with a bad credit history they will not lend to everyone, if your credit score is really low you may not be able to obtain finance.

All applications for information on credit are valued with strict confidentiality, there for no explanation will be given to anyone who requests the reason behind any credit decision. If you have been declined by any prime / subprime lender you can purchase a copy of your credit profile from the credit reference agencies (Equifax PLC, Call Credit and Experian) for a small fee.

Your credit status can be built up with well managed accounts ie phone bills, credit cards etc, which will increase your credit score. Increasing your chances of further credit. At the same time credit scores can drop, with poor account management ie late payments, non payments. These errors will show as marks on your credit profile reducing your chances of obtaining further credit.

So in summary your credit status is determined by your history of managing your money and your ability to make regular payments. The better you are at this, the better your credit status will be.

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What Happens to My Application for Finance?

What is the process?

First of all your application will come through to us and we will take a look at your profile, then one of our underwriters will review your application and see which kind of lender will suit you best this gets determined by looking at your credit profile. There are many lenders to suit different individuals so if your credit is not the best this does not mean that you will be returned. We will then send you down to one of our lenders, once you have been approved we will then discuss the agreement with you to see if you are happy with your acceptance.

The things we will look at are your credit history this will tell us what kind of customer you are and which lenders criteria you meet. If you do not really have any credit it would benefit you if you were to get a credit card as this will help us see what you're like with your payments and if you pay them regularly or are you behind on your payments. Do not worry if you are this does not mean you can not get accepted there are lenders for individuals that do not have the best credit history which we call sub prime lenders.

Prime Lender?

Prime lenders look at customers that have good credit profiles. This is what every lender would like to have as this shows that you pay all your payments and are a reliable customer. Prime lenders also offer lower rates to keep your payments low.

When looking a prime deal we will first look at the customer's age, if the customer is young this can give them a low credit score due to lack of credit. An underwriter will then look at the customers address history. How long has the customer been at the address proposed? If this is for a long period of time this can increase the customer's credit score. If a customer is a home owner this will also score higher than a person that is a tenant or living with parents.

We also look at your employment details to check wherever you are full time / part time etc. If you are in full time employment then you will score higher.

We will then look at your search this will show the underwriters whether you pay all your outstanding credit on time. We will then look at your affordability eg you paying all outstanding credit on time and if you are then this will increase your credit score.

What are sub prime lenders?

These are lenders that will look at customer that do not have the best credit history. The differences are that the rate will be much higher, so your payments are higher, as they are taking a higher risk due to the customers credit. Also more proofs may be requested for example bank statements, payslips for proof of income to make sure you can afford the monthly payments.

When looking at sub prime customers the underwriters will be looking for when you missed your payments and how many you've missed. Do you have an CCJ (s) or IVA (s) this will score you lower as you will be seen as a risky customer. The underwriters will also look to see how many defaults you made or do you miss a lot of your payments, and do you have any arrangements on your credit profile, if so this will make your credit score lower and your payments are more likely to be higher.

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The All-New 2013 Toyota Verso

Toyota's new small car, the Verso will be introduced in 2013, joining the new, UK built Toyota Auris it strengthens Toyota's presence in the small MPV market.

The new Toyota Verso was first unveiled at the Paris motor show in September and it sports new styling not dissimilar the new Toyota Auris. This new styling particularly at the front-end is in keeping with the Toyota all-new 'family' look and features; sharp-edged headlights, a wider upper grille, a larger stylish lower grille, new door mirrors and improved look wheels. These are just a few examples of the impressive changes among three hundred quoted by Toyota that have been made to the car. Some of the interior additions are; new trim materials, a new consistent design for lighting and controls and new upholstery designs and materials.

Engine and transmission choice has been adjusted within the range. Notably the 2.0 D-4D diesel engine has been revised for better torque delivery at lower revs and quitter running. At the same time the engine's CO2 emissions have been reduced by 10g / km to fall below 130g / km.

The Model comes in three trim level with the entry-point New Toyota Verso Active, then the Icon model and top of the range Excel. A high specification is provided across all grades, with even the entry-level Active coming equipped with front fog lights, air conditioning, electric front windows, Hill-start Assist Control and, on the seven-sea t version, Toyota's quick and simple Easy Flat folding system for the rear seats.

Key features of the new Toyota Verso Active :

• A four-speaker radio, CD and MP3 player

• Aux and USB input

• Front electrically-operated windows

• Air conditioning

• Daytime running lights

• Front fog lights

• Hill-start assist

The 2013 new Toyota Verso Icon benefits from a updated range of features when compared with the old Verso's core TR range:

• 16 inch alloys

• Leather steering wheel and gear knob trim

• Front seat aviation table and cup holder

• Rear electric windows

• Bluetooth support

• Dual-zone climate control

• Reversing camera

• DAB radio

• Rear privacy glass

At the top of the range the all-new Toyota Verso Excel comes with numerous improved and top notch options:

• 17 inch alloy-wheels

• Leather seat bolsters

• Smart entry and start

• Automatic windscreen-wipers

• Bi-xenon HID headlamps with cleaners

• Automatic headlamp leveling

• Automatic dimming rear-view mirror

• Rear door sunshades

• Dusk-sensing headlights

• Roof rails

• Leather trimmed doors

Additional options:

The Toyota multimedia touchscreen control system on the Icon and Excel models can be upgraded to the Touch & Go (cost £ 650) which adds satellite navigation and on-board connectivity to Google Local Search. Also available is a Skyview panoramic roof for the Icon and Excel trim levels (cost £ 550). This allows significantly light into the cabin. An Appearance Pack is available for the Icon trim-level, this provides bi-xenon HID headlamps and LED daytime running lights with roof rails (cost £ 700).

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Tips on How to Choose Your Business Fleet

Even though there are many factors to your business that need to be considered, you should also carefully consider the vehicles that you are using. After all, your fleet of vehicles is the lifeblood of your business, regardless of whether it is transporting your crews to the jobsite or if it is being used for the delivery of freight. When you depend upon your vehicles to keep your business up and running and to maintain your level of success, there are some things that you can do which will make a difference. Here are a few tips that you can use when choosing vehicles and in keeping them maintained.

One of the more important decisions that is going to need to be made is whether you are going to be purchasing new vehicles or used vehicles. In almost every instance, it is going to be to your benefit to purchase used vehicles if they are going to be utilized within the service industry. After all, a used service truck or used box van is going to be less expensive to purchase than one that is new and it will maintain its value for a longer amount of time. You will also find that quality used vehicles last just as long as those that are new.

When purchasing any vehicles, it is important for you to check a few items so that you can be satisfied with the quality of the vehicle that you are receiving. Always ask for the service records of those vehicles, as it will help you to see what type of service was done in the past. It is also a good idea for you to check the vehicle thoroughly for any rust. If there is any rust that is present, it can quickly eat through the vehicle and cause structural damage that will be expensive to repair. Finally, make sure that you pop the hood and take a look at the oil. You would want to ensure that the oil was changed regularly and that it is clean and free of particles.

One of the main problems that businesses experience with their fleet of vehicles is the fact that they are often misused by their employees. This can end up costing you money in the long run. There are two different things that you can do in order to stop this from occurring or at the very least, to slow the problem. You can institute a company policy that would make it hard on the individual that was mistreating the vehicle. It is also possible for you to institute some type of benefit program for those that are taking care of the vehicles as they should. A combination of those two should help you to keep your fleet up and running with a minimal amount of problems.

When you take care of your fleet of vehicles, you will find that your business is growing and that you are seeing a higher level of success. Even though there are many other things that need to be considered with your business, considering the vehicles that you are using is definitely going to be to your benefit.

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