This series of articles is quite a bit different from any other articles you may have read on the subject of “How to buy a car.” It was not written in anticipation of winning literary awards or establishing myself as a “Best Selling Author.”

With over twenty years of experience in the retail sales / automotive industry, I have held positions from the Top Sales Person, Finance Manager, Sales Manager, Finance Department Director, and General Sales Manager.

I have written these articles in the same way that I've helped numerous friends and family purchase new and used vehicles, saving them thousands of dollars. I have also writing these assuming you know nothing about buying a car or the process.

As you begin to read, you may feel, as many of my friends did, that I am taking the side of the dealership because I'm not “bad mouthing” them, their tactics or practices. The truth is quite the opposite. I feel that it is time to speak the truth and reveal both sides of the equation. This includes the mistakes most customers make in car deal negotiations.

There have been many books written on this subject. Most of them, in my opinion, have been written by disgruntled ex-employees, that probably were not very good at what they did, and decided to “get even” with the dealerships by “divulging the hidden secrets” of the car business . The advice that they give creates a negative, adversarial relationship from the beginning. Nothing positive was ever created out of negative.

The approach that will be laid out in the following articles is based on an understanding of how dealers operate, profit and the selling systems that they incorporated to sell you a car. This information is vital to your success. Most books on this subject usually never address this topic regarding how to buy a car.

So many times I've listened to people claiming that they “beat up the dealership.” In most cases that's just not true. Who do you really think is better at negotiating a car deal? Is it the guy that does it once every three years? Or the guy that does it five times a day? Car buying is an emotional purchase. The dealerships know that very well, and trust me; they use it to their advantage.

The purpose of these articles is to understand how dealership function. If you understand how they think and conduct business, it puts you on a level playing field when you are negotiating your car deal. In the following submissions, you'll learn how dealers operate, profit, and how the selling systems work.

As we progress, we will switch gears. I will devote effort to showing you how to use the dealerships selling systems to your advantage. Also, I'll explain what motivates a dealership to sell a vehicle thousands below their cost. Yes, I said below cost! It's done every day. Read on and I'll show you how and why.