Purchasing a digger derrick from an auction can be challenging, especially when searching for the exact piece of equipment that is necessary to achieve business success. Whether buying new or used, the job of finding the right digger derrick must be taken very seriously and specific parameters should be established. There are several factors to consider that will avoid making costly mistakes during the actual buying process, including: determining the right vehicle for each job application; allocating a budget; finding the best sales venue; and assuring parts availability.

Basically, this means planning ahead, avoiding impulse buying and paying close attention to the factors listed below before making a final purchase.

  • Research – Purchasing a digger derrick at an auction is a cost-effective means to find both an inexpensive and highly functional vehicle to add to an existing company fleet. The best method to find a good truck and pay a low price is to conduct research that would include knowing the market price, model and preferred configurations. When looking for a bargain during the auction process, be sure that the equipment is reliable and has all the features needed for all jobs.
  • Business Needs – Many good quality digger derricks can be found at an auction. Before buying one of these machines, it is important to consider intended job applications; determining the proper configurations is critical for optimum performance to increase productivity level as well as future growth. Business needs must be carefully examined and analyzed to avoid mistakenly purchasing a unit which does not suit its intended purpose.
  • Budget – Determining a budget is essential when purchasing a digger derrick and is a prerequisite for a successful purchase. Prior to buying from a reputable auction company, it is important to keep the allocated budget in mind during the bidding process and not get carried away by the exclusion of the process. Always remember that staying within a budget contributes to the improvement of revenue generation by any company.
  • Dealer – Finding a trustworthy auction company comes in importance immediately after determining proper truck configurations for company needs and setting a budget for the purchase. There are several sources to find prospective vendors, such as the internet, word of mouth and friend experience as well as magazine and classified ads. Prior to engaging in a bidding sales venue, always know about the auction company, whether they are a well-known company in business for many years and provide quality service to clients.
  • Spare Parts – To ensure maximum efficiency from the vehicle purchased, a necessary consideration is about the supply, price and availability of parts. All necessary components should be readily available before making a bidding decision about a particular unit.
  • Inspection – One of the advantages of buying commercial vehicles from an auction is the possibility of finding a highly functional truck that will function effectively when it is needed. This is possible if a prospective buyer conducts a pre-inspection inspection to check overall vehicle condition to include the engine and undercarriage of the truck for leaks, corrosion or rust as well as the odometer for the mileage.

When attending an auction to purchase of a digger derrick, be educated, well-informed, and properly prepared. Know what to expect and set certain parameters to avoid buying mistakes in order to acquire safe and reliable equipment. Digger derricks and auctions will indeed be a great match by doing the proper amount of research, setting a realistic budget, ensuring the availability of essential components, assessing applications, inspecting the truck, and finding trustworthy auction companies!